Why so few official servers?

Im confused, there seems to be 17 TOTAL PVP American servers that are online.

Why launch a huge game addition and bottleneck the number of people who can enjoy it on official servers at 680 total?

Is this going to change at some point? Are there like 500-600 servers waiting to come online soon?

What is happening?


what??? 17??? u kidding

Need more servers, call Tencent and ask them. Am sure someone has a credit card.

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Well, the good news is that with 17 servers Funcom might actually be able to admin them a bit more consistently.

Am I allowed to say I have a server open in here? Can’t remember the rules around advertising.

you wish :stuck_out_tongue:
Same thing happened when the game launched, not enough servers to all the people playing the firsts days, once the hype is over, you will se tons of servers empty but somehow filled with buildings and blocked paths.

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Maybe they were expecting a flop, so they didnt go overboard with lets say 20 servers for each play type.

Noticed that too so I ended up renting my own server honestly unless someone is tight on funds or dont have a set group to play with I recommend that anyway. You might want to get a good feel before just diving in to PVP.

There’s also the fact it’s still in early access. They could have simply indeed underestimated how many people would get it while it was still only in early access VS how many people might end up waiting for the official “full” release.

Or expected people to “beta test” it primarily on private servers/etc at first

There’s a lot of possibilities to be honest I suspect.

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