Servers EU full

Hello there! Lovely update, but unfortunately, the European servers are full all the time and it’s super hard to coincide into one with my friends or some new friends (since I have been jumping from server to server). Plz considere the amount of ppl we have been waiting for this new map and that we all want to play with mates! Thank you for your understanding! Plz open more servers! Keep up the good work! :sunglasses::sunglasses::beers::beers::beers:


Created a new topic about the same issue, not enough isle of siptah servers man!, I hope they hurry up and add more. I want to play but can’t because ALL are 40/40 during pvp hours. EU region.

I bought DLS with my friends, but I can’t even try to play solo after work from the very start. there is simply no talk of playing with friends. We couldn’t even get to the European server for three days !! they are simply not enough. we also need pvp servers. at least 30 pieces. so far it’s just not rakish in the literal sense.