Ps4 Updated? Anything?

So here we are its “Elarly 2021” mid February and we are desperately awaiting any updates for consoles in face we would settle for any communication from funcom and the devs?
Just let us know we are not being forgotten or ignored?

And please let us realistically know when you say “Early 2021” do you mean clander year (Jan, Feb, March) or do you mean financial year (April, May, June) are we to wait a entire year without content, bug fixes, patches and any formal communication?? What can us server owners tell out players who are constantly asking for updates or if we’ve heard anything new?? Can we at least get some base game fixes?
While I’m really exited to play siptah I am also more than happy to wait for it to be ready but is there any way we could at least have the base game updates? New benches, dyes ect??? The things that are not exclusive to siptah??


Looking forward to that myself. Not in a hurry for Sipath but I would like the base game patch. Might as get used to it sooner than later.


Yeah I understand that siptah is alotta work especially will the complete overhaul of it so I am prepared to wait a little longer but it would be nice to have some of the base game patches one of the things I’m dying for is the new dyes (finally a proper orange that looks orange and that neon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: yes please) the new workbench ect would look and work amazingly on my roleplaying server lol just anything to break up the stagnation of the game at the moment

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Dye that works would be great some armors you can use multiple colors and it still looks a dark gray.

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Yes please at least give us the updates that have already been out for pc~ I’d love the new vanity and other things which will make waiting for the new dlc much better~~ just give us something please!!

just waiting on that adjustment for x2 farming :slight_smile: unless thats not on the table anymore

Any word on a future update for the PS4 yet?

From what I can find its utter silence from funcom and yet another new addition to pc via test live, silent legion light and medium armour and dragonbone armours. Why are they so ignorant of the console players many of us are happy to wait for the map extension we just ask for some bug fixes and the base game updates surly they can do that much at least?

They posted this yesterday. This applys to both console platforms, with specifics regarding the Xbox stability issues it has. But ps4 will also be receiving parity patches (per the letter.)

Thats for the xbox stability issue what about ps4?

As I said. There is information in that post regarding ps4.

The ps4 is just a tag on at the end with no set date and no real information. We keep getting told early 2021 which should be up till march/April. But with the way things are goingbwe will be lucky if we get any updates by June/July. Again we are told we will get more information after another pc update (2.3) we were told this back at 2.1 update and didn’t get anything. In the last dev stream on twitch they said we would get a patch back in October which never came so, excuse me if I seem frustrated but as a server owner who is constantly asked for updates it becomes disheartening when I’m constantly telling people I have nothing to tell them. No dates, no updates, nothing more than “they are fixing xbox first”


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