Explications NOW. No more excuses!

forgive my English but I am Spanish and we are a large community that seems to be ignored like many others…

how is it possible that since (PS4 Update (24.08.2020) - Update 41: Followers Re-Balancing, Avatar fixes and more!) 24/08/2020

they are not able to explain because they did not update at all. When other much deeper and bigger games like TESO (The Elder Scroll Online) are currently being updated and expanded for ALL platforms without problems … the problem is not Sony or Microsofts. The problem is clear that it is MONEY and how to ask the players … Well, any game is updated and they even play between them (cross-play)

I am a PC and PS4 Gamer. and the difference between it is abysmal. We are tired of waiting and seeing the ignorance of the different platforms when on PC there are Mods and a lot of changes compared to Console and they come to tell us that the game on console is more difficult to update … Clear explanations please.

I don’t think Updating is that complicated when other games handle it without problem. The thing is to sell us the updates or make it free …


Those other games are published by bigger companies with a lot more experience in console releases under their belt.

Funcom does their best with the resources they have.


You want them to sell you an update they don’t have yet?
I am pretty sure they would roll it out if it was ready, they have no reasons not to update.

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It seems very good to me but 1 year without saying anything about Consolas. And the game is still on SALE in the Store.
That they dare to Expand with a new MAP (sipha) on PC when they are not even able to Fix the problems of the previous map (exile). If it is not MONEY, they will tell me. If you are not able to give Console SUPPORT, remove your game from the STORE, until it is Updated. I remember when they released DLC, 1 week later the €€€ appeared on the Console and now they promised us a new MAP that would go through PC first and then through Console. Currently: the new map is going to undergo changes that were not even tested in Console and that exclusive experience for PC.

Nevewinter (actualizado en Consola y PC) 100/200 empleados. 2007. Cryptic Studios - Wikipedia
Conan Exile ( Actualizado en PC.) +300 empleados. 2008.
Funcom - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
The elder scrolls online (Actualizado Consola y PC) 250 empleados. 2012 ZeniMax Online Studios - Wikipedia

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I understand both sides of this argument but it is a bit funny to watch how some PC users scream at Funcom to stop changing Exiles Lands because it is not in Early Access anymore while Consoles scream at them to give them the updates.


I’m not saying that they update the console to the latest version, which should be like that, but since 08/2020 there are many updates that only released on PC and nothing at all on console. As it is possible that on PC with mods they can continue to update and improve and on Console that it is simply a CLEAN game and its DLC nothing at all. It is a COMPLAINT because to this day the game is still on SALE in Console at Exit price and without any improvements. I have paid for 2 games and I only enjoy 1: frowning: imagine everyone who only bought it on Console because this ignorance.

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They posted a couple of weeks ago that they will be releasing parity patches and the 2.3 patch to both consoles. 2.3 is currently going through public testing on the PC Testlive client.


Newest details for consoles, posted 30 minutes ago (as of this writing).



Not so sure it is the “changing it” aspect so much as the “breaking it” aspect that is annoying.
Every day I see old bugs that were fixed years ago coming back.



Well no matter how any of us see it the second any of us bought the game and accepred tes[quote=“JJDancer, post:11, topic:157850, full:true”]

Not so sure it is the “changing it” aspect so much as the “breaking it” aspect that is annoying.
Every day I see old bugs that were fixed years ago coming back.
The second we bought the game and accepted the ToS Funcom entered into a binding contract which they have been in violation of for a while now. Xbox players alone have a great case for a class action suit do to the dashboarding issue since it keeps them from connecting with servers.


If you’re referring to the map of Siptah, the reason they are not available for consoles is because the expansion is still Early Access. Which means that it goes through frequent and sometimes drastic updates and changes. They can’t do this on consoles due to the requirement of testing for release by Microsoft and Sony. The expansion is still in a testing and build phase.

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I’m mostly just amused by all the screaming in general.


Últimamente todo funciona muy mal por fumcon. Servidores caídos siempre a horas pronto. Desapariciones de estructuras cuando tenian las horas puesta. Un baneo hacia mi persona sin sentido, cuando soy un tirillas en el servidor. Y muchas mas cosas. Espero que cambien y lo arreglen pronto. Es un gran juego con mucho potencial

Imo, there should be a hold on ALL console updates, untill stability is improved. CE is broken, no 2 ways about it. Adding more lines to an already broken code WILL NEVER make consoles easier to stabilize.

Its like throwing everything you own down the basement stairs, would have been easier to straighten up if less stuff was in the pile…

Expect more until Funcom start fulfilling their commitment to the community.

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(Very long sigh). What do you think is in the upcoming patch? Cause, it’s not just some crafting stations…


From what I read is PC update then consoles weeks later. Thats Scott Junior backtracking from his console patch then 2.3 update. Once again puting PC first. An update on the next console patch

Incorrect. Read his previous statement again.

Pc parity, as stated in the producer letter…

So you think the only thing coming for consoles, is the 2.3 patch? Parity, meaning, ALL patches console users have not received since whatever the last one was. That includes various performance improvements that have been released (as usual), along with the performance improvements outlined in the very producer’s letter you are referencing.

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