PS4 Update 2.3 (19.04.2021) - Major Update! Balancing, Fixes, Stability, Performance, and more!

Which is an own DLC…

You have ever seen a game, where a new DLC puts the whole game back in early access mode?

Me neither, but here we have Conan Exiles in the year 2021, achieving exactly that. Going from full release, back to early access :smiley:

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Wouldn’t be the first time ps plus put a game on their list twice.

Skyrim *cough*

PlayStation official servers have been crashing frequently in the last 3-4 days. 3608,3609 and 3610 we’ve noticed they all go down together. I’m sure there are many like it. It starts rubberbanding like crazy and then it crash’s. It’s down for 4-5 hours at a time. Why do we continue to get ridiculous bugs on this game? Been playing since the game came out and it’s always more and more bugs. You fix one and add one. I’m not even going to get into the rest of the 2.3 bugs but at the very least let us play the game without it crashing. Not sure if it’s g portal or what but I don’t see how anyone is still playing console honestly.

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I suppose that we continue playing while we wait for the miracle of some god, so that they begin to work well and correct the errors.

Greetings Exiles,

We’ve just released a new patch for the PlayStation consoles, which should address the platform-specific co-op issues that you’ve encountered since the 2.3 release.

Thank you for being so patient and understanding with us while we worked on this update.

As always, feel free to share any feedback you might have on this update.


  • Fixed issue where the game took over control of host’s playable character when joining co-op session. Players should now be able to enjoy the co-op experience.

It seems great to me but it will only correct 1 error?


Thanks. It’s nice to see patch for consoles instead of pc.

Yo no sé quién juega co-op, podríais dar ya una eta de la isla de siptah, que llevamos desde septiembre esperando a principios de año para luego un parche de co-op

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We have been waiting since September for the island of siptah for the beginning of the year … Now a co-op update … The island’s eta for when? This topic causes fatigue already. You should say something at once

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It’s great that this issue has been fixed but what about the issue where you float around in your base and can’t place stuff and the issue with writing in the journals? Or the thing with building where your building pieces flick all over the place?


Full Nudity has not been restored yet. Is the going to be a patch for that ?


I would expect at least an answer about full nudity

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what about the fast elevators?
what about the stability of the buildings?
what about the blooming in the game?
what about the disappearance of the thralls?

the most important: what about siptha?
a large part of the things are already in the game, give the console players a bon-bon and activate the things on official servers.


Single Player settings and server settings are still not saving or load correctly.
Every time start a game, I need to re-setting all server and user settings.
Please help!


You still haven’t fixed problem with conflict servers. It’s been around two weeks, some people were playing on those servers for years, because of the bugs, first we had infinite loading screen, now we cannot log in at all. Servers are standing empty. Not because nobody wants to play on them, but because we simply are not able to even log in, to refresh timer and stuff of which we were taking care of for years so we can loose it because of the bugs. Funcom I really wish that China didn’t completely buy you out, and that you will still care about your playerbase.


@Nenneke in that post I also talk about that problem that you are suffering.

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@Ignasis I am confused as to what is going on here. I mean I get that you guys made a mistake, and are working on fixing it. What I can’t understand is your silence when your community is begging you for information, and are completely losing faith in you because you are not providing any real information.

I have spent pretty much the entire time since 2.3 came out testing thralls from all regions in the exile lands to try to let exiles know which to avoid due to the age old bug where they decide not to fight. Now I see an update to something moderately useless to the majority of the community?

Now I see someone trying a last stitch effort to get your attention, and get some real answers, and you close the thread?

Come on funcom when are you going to realize we actually love this game, and we just want the ability to play it properly again?


The game is getting worse. More and more players’ privileges are constantly being removed and replaced with impressive changes.
At the same time, many of the flaws of the game remain to spoil our fun. E.g. my old armors, now I have to throw them away because they are not repaired since the thralls have lost their specialty.