Console players will not discover anything!

Funcom, i was very excited with all this announcement and mysterious that you guys made for this new DLC. Once the trailer was released, i was thrilled with everything was showing… but then… bammm, console players need to wait until next year.
Really!? I support your game, bought all DLC in full price as it was released… but now, i fell like left in the dust.
Since the announcement, i did not access Conan. I’m so disappointed with this timeframe. Everything will be already covered by PC players on youtube! So notthing will be new to console players

There are great games coming on console before you release this DLC for us console players (Cyberpunk - to name one). It may take your players away once no changes to enjoy Conan on console uo to next year.

I know that you are thinking of the best to launch something more tested and stable… but it should be our desicion to be made, buy early and buggy but yeat new, or later on but all already reveald by others!

Not sure if all console players feel like i do, but i’m very close to uninstall this game for good!


Yes however given the new changes you may want to let them iron it out as I’m on Xbox but while I like the changes but others are not happy where others are and to top it off pc can get updates in a second where as console have to wait weeks so if anything critically fails then we could have a problem that might not get fixed for a while so it’s best to wait

I’m upset on it too but I need to have patience as do all on all platforms :frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning::frowning:

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Easy. Don’t watch Youtubes about Siptah. It is in your power.


I don’t know when you started playing but the game was out close to a year on you tube during original beta tests. learned enough to have a idea of the game and wanted it. What came out on console later was not completely the same. I have a Ps4 server and look forward to release for consoles but we need the bugs worked out. PC players are our first line of defense to get a good playable game.


Understand you, but is diff now… all main bugs are fixed, now is a matter of fixing map issues.
I can afford to have bugs but something new to play.

Those critical bugs happen before on PS4, and i still playing…
Yah, i have no patience and may move one

hard to someone that likes this game! Would be easy if i didn’t know it is there

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So go play cyberpunk and come back next year when the new dlc comes out. No reason you can’t distract yourself from spoilers with another hobby in the meantime. I feel similar in that funcom is licking the heals of their pc community while console players are completely ignored. The game has been held together with string and paper clips for over a year and even at the best of times tends to freeze frame for as much as a full minute on console but the devs don’t care at all. If you aren’t a pc gamer you mean nothing to them and it really sucks. They need to fix this behavior fast.

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Biggest problem I have had lately is falling through the world to my death in and around my base. At least it’s not out in the world.

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That sucks! How long has this been happening?

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I’ve been avoiding Isle section abit, havnt watch trailer. Sadly, enough players have been posting screen caps of armors and stuff outside of isle section… some of its been spoiled. I’m sure by 2021, most of it will be…

Half tempted to stop visiting forum to have nice fresh take on Isles… then i’m down one less forum I visit… and I’m down to 2 already. -_-’

The whole Most of bugs will be gone statement always makes me laugh, as console often get there own large list of bugs. Funcom track record on console fixes is maybe 2 outta 10 rating, =(


Over the weekend happened 6-7 times between my wife and I. Was kinda funny at first not so much later.

True plenty of unfixed issues. Doesn’t seem to be many replies to console players current issues. Wait till next year for a fix?

I disagree on a lil tiny particular:
no game should be out until it’s finished and working as intended:
paying a game to test it, it’s -frickin- hilarious…
I’ve done it once buying CE for 70 euros on D1 (PS4 player) and I’ve learned I will never do that again to ANY game.

So get used to it or make deep changes in your future game’s acquisitions.

Its pretty PC heavy thing thou for early access. Just gotta be careful with some of them, look at Day Z or w/e its called going on 5 years of it. Wounder were your money went when so many issues don’t gt fixed.

Weird thing of pc culture or maybe steam? Thou some of that bleeds onto consoles which sucks. Thou I think Sony would step in at some point.

Itlest I hope by Ps5, funcom will have dev kits and can narrow out some of issues in better format if its ported.

Now you know how PC feels about the FFVII remake.

Console players can still make discoveries in other ways. For example: I am a console player and am asking pc players if you can harvest the giant bones on the map. If you try it out let me know results and if you would have/did think to try this on your own.

@Taemien you will probably like the armor set I post tomorrow in the fanworks section.

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