Are you joking? £40-£60 for cobsoles

Funcom what the actual??

So you are relasing the “early access” broken version of Siptah on console but expect us to pay £40-£60 for it??

I speak for a 105 players (my entire server) when we say we refuse to pay more than pc for the same thing especially when you admit we won’t receive the updated version until September??

I was okay with paying £20 the same as PC but will not pay more than that.

I was excited for this release, I was excited to play new content and explore the new lands that I have spent thw last 4 months avoiding spoilers from pc for. Only for you to pull this out of the bag.

I feel like you have totally disregard a large portion of your playerbase and because consoles are limited to the content you supply you feel justified to overcharge because we have no other option yet here is my option if I choose to play conan I will play the base game otherwise I will look for new games, like citidale, ark, the forest, and rust.

Well done you’ve definitely upset a lot of people

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Huh, is Siptah available on consoles already?

Was there some announcement I missed?

Ya, with you Narelle. Not aware of any announcement regarding this. Feel free to share where you got the source of your information though.

Consoles are cheap machines with expensive games. This is how it’s always been. They will of course charge whatever they can get away with, and I believe the console makers get their cut as well.

Hey there,

There’s been no announcement regarding the launch price for Isle of Siptah, neither on consoles or PC.
Despite the price not even being set internally as of the time of this writing, let me go ahead and say it is not going to be the one you mentioned.

Before posting inflammatory threads please try to confirm if the information you’re basing your message on is real or not, not only regarding Conan Exiles, but in general.