Would Conan Exiles be better off being a 29.99$ Game or 19.99$ Game?

Just been number checking on Conan and this other Game that just came out, and i wouldn’t be surprised if the 20$ price entry is making people pick the other one up. Wouldn’t it make sense given Siptah’s content to have Conan Exiles Priced at 20$ and Siptah also priced at 20$ too

Just wondering.

Other game is a 20$ Early Access Game. Not a full game.

Picked up conan for $20 in EA. Picked it up again for a 2nd account for $20 during a sale after launch.

… and conan has had many sales since launch. It benefits the game, but doesn’t need a permanent $20 price tag.

Also, bulig speculation here, but when Siptah map launches, don’t be surprised to see the base game for free if you buy DLC package, or another big promo over on EPIC launcher.

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The ps4 price was 60dollars at console release. I would like to see Sipath come out at 20 dollars.

Bummer man. It wasn’t even that much at launch on PC.

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Holy hell. I paid 16 dollars US under the first steam promo in January of 2017.

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Bought Na copy for 60$, end up paying 75$ to import Pal Version, =/

I get Conan Sword and Armor thou. XD

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Same here but it cost me around 12.7usd at the time

Conan Exiles was launched though officall 2018? and it’s now 2021 It definitely needs a permanent price drop if only to 29.99$

FYI i bought it back in 2018 for 20$ because i thought it was a good deal. I wouldn’t pay 40$ though. Though given all the new changes and improvements i do think the game warrants a 29,99$ price tag now. But it is 3 y

They can always have a European friend send some screen shots. Between my wife and I 2 discs all the dlcs by 2 and renting a server all this time still worth it and cheaper than going out.

The question makes no sense.

Conan Exiles can be picked up for 19.99 on a regular basis, I bought Siptah for 19.99 and the “other game” I bought for whatever price. All the prices are basically the same at one point or another, and if they aren’t, sales will make them basically 20 bucks anyway. Over the course of several years now, I have spent a total of 60 bucks on the base game components of all three.

I guess the question makes sense for someone unwilling to wait for a sale, which come around just about every month.

$19.99 due to the poor state of development. Due to their lack of proper development console players should get Siptah for free due to poor judgement on Funcom’s part. Btw I got it for $5 years ago via Humble Bundle.

$65.99 XB Canadian. Like its a premium new release…3 years old, broke af game…

You’re probably including DLCs in that price. Even so, the base game goes on sale like every occasion for 19.99 USD. People just have to be patient enough to wait for one.

Really, the point of the OP’s question is moot. It is 20 bucks on a lot of occasions. If you’re paying full blown price, something is wrong.

Like someone mentioned previously, I got it on Humble Bundle of right around 15 dollars if I am correctly remembering. It was bundled with 2 other games, so it actually came out to be around 5 bucks.

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Base game should release for free. It would explode in popularity and that will lead to tons of revenue.
I don’t get why they backed out from Epic Games free launch.

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Nope base game, $65.99 dlc pack, $12.99, sept riddle of sreel, $8.99

I can tell you a theory…there is already too many ppl being honest in reviews of CE, too many ppl posting things that are unflattering to FC…imagine if base game was free, things would only get worse for FC and whatever reputation they have left…more players, means more upset players for FC forums…it would be best if they stopped selling CE at all. Especially with the current broken versions shared by all platforms…

There’s always a deal somewhere

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13.99, even better than the last sale where it was 19.99 or something close.

At 13.99 the game is a great deal, period. Some of you can go on all day and night long about the cost, but at 13.99, most people can buy it with what they have in the couch cushions or the change in the coffee holder of their car. To whine about this price being too high (or they should give it away free) is ridiculous.

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