Console players need to know the price of new map

Ok so here we go funcom as you can see people are still not happy with you guys on the Xbox community we need to know how much this map is going to cost us we know you don’t have a release date but if you wait a week before launch to tell us that were gonna be paying more than what pc did not gonna be good. So with that being said let’s move on you guy’s at funcom say that we have been the heart of conan since 2017 then why didn’t we get early eccess for the new map we had it for the base game but the the new map you told us you had a big announcement an to come and see your live stream only to just slap console players in the face with no early eccess for you guys remember how that went over so are we the heart of conan most of us don’t feel like we are you need to come out and tell us the price now not a week before launch what do you think Xbox community are we the heart of this game.




It’s 20.00 on steam. Guessing it will be 39.99


Isle of siptah should be free on xbox, game has been broken for soooo long.


À quand ile de Siptah sur ps4… Car à force attendre et faire les mise à jour au compte goutte les joueur vont déserter et pas revenir… Sa fait déjà quelque moi que ces sortie sur pc … Pareil pour les mise à jour largement au retar par rapport au pc

As long as they shafted console players especially us on Xbox they should give it free as a form of repairition for all the damages that they have caused in the console community.


Just thinking about the price just shows, you all will buy it anyways. Thats because 99% conan players have no guts! Even answering a simple text message on xbox is too much for this scared people lol. So why you ask or think about a price??? Tbh you will buy it anyways. To bring it on top: I say you buy it ON RELEASE DAY!!!

Obviously everyone will buy it including you so that being said what’s wrong with wondering what the price is gonna be so yeah and you talking about no guts your here on the forums to guy


I wont buy it. Thats one oportunity to show funcom that not everything what they do is ok. And people who complaining 7 months, and buying as first the new dlc i mean what can i say this people are dishonorable rats for me. Just like 99% of conan players

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Not buying it either. I have spent enough on this company, that is now owned by China, i bought CE for myself and for 5 of my friends, none of which play any more. And all dlc for me. Too much already to be left in the cold for 7 months now. Sorry but funcom lost a real good customer about 5 months back. Just get on here to see how long they are gonna screw the xbox community. And I wouldnt download it if it were free. Gonna be broken anyway. Problem is in core game, and another dlc wont fix that.

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Heart? More like the *ss of the game… at least thats how it feels. If its anything over 20 bucks at this point imma be PO. If idve known what i do now, back when i was binge watching gameplay in anticipation for the console release several years ago, idve probably saved my money. Between the build menu being a headache inducing mess, the constant dishonesty and outright over hyped crumbs theyve given us on console, this game is becoming more trouble than its worth. And from what ive been seeing about the history of this company, its just history repeating itself. Honestly, one of the best things they could do is take a page from bethesda’s book and bring mods to console so the community can fix what is missing that they choose not to. Shoulda seen this coming when they kept tugging us along on sorcery… as if its SO hard to code in being able to shoot fire out of your hands when all the basic concepts are already in the game…


26 days and no answer Funbags. I hope you weren’t holding your breath for the answer. Nah, your smarter then that. But seriously 26 days and not one reply Funcom. Probably don’t have the courage to tell you it’s gonna be more then the $20 pc paid. Lol.

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Early access won’t work on consoles because of the way FC and Sony/Microsoft interact for certs. Early Access by its nature will be in constant hot fix patch mode, and FC needs to be able to do that as it pleases to keep the development moving forward as quickly as possible.

As Funbags said above, " we had early access to CE" so I don’t see how it wont work on consoles now. Did something change that would stop early access Isle? I played CE early access as did Funbags Im sure. So did Sony/Microsoft change cert requirements or something. And there are games on xbox right now in early access (game preview), is that not the same thing? And Funcom took advice from xbox players and other platforms and changed game at release and after. So I don’t understand how Isle would be different.

you had the early access after the first 8 months after PC, which means you got a more stable and further along product. Siptah was supposed to be a different “style” but was changed to a complete CE clone other than some item differences. So there was way more hotfixes etc done during that time. Plus there could have been contract changes on how much FC pays for certs on consoles. So that may be why they stuck with a PC only EA. That and stability issues on Xbox caused alot of other issues that tryingvto early access and fix on Xbox would have been more of nightmare. PS4 had no early access on CE.

If we dont get same price and perks ( white rhino) im going to popcorn everything I have in 5 bases and quit. Ive spent near 4 years in this game and this may be the final straw to break the back of my camel.


We always had minor stability problems on xbox. I personally had very little stability problems, almost never dashboard, until they released Isle to pc. Speaking only for my situation. Since Isle drop, I cant get on for 30 min without dashboard. And had to resort to building a little hole in the wall place to keep the small amount of stuff I could keep, without dashboarding every time I would try to get on. It was even starting to do it on my private server. So I dropped private server, said goodbye to my clan on official, and haven’t played since Dec. But make no mistake, it was Isle drop that broke xbox CE for me.

I am not getting Isle dlc. Even if it were free. They would have to make it an update. And being it’s separate from CE, I still wouldn’t play it. It doesn’t matter anyway, their not going to fix CE. Just try to draw everyone over to broken Isle. So I will probably never be back.

Im sorry it broke it. But I know you miss it or you wouldn’t be here.
Here’s what I’ve learned over the last few months.
If I play early weekdays, and there is 5 or less on the server, I dont get dashboarded very often. Maybe 2-3 times in a 2-4 HR period.
If I play week nights, and there are 9 or more on the server, dashboarded 5-7 times in 2-4 HR period.
If I play daytime or night on weekends with over 9 people on server, I can be dashboarded every 5- 30 minutes.
Ive studied this for months. The less people on the server, bases load faster and I can do much more. Ive tried building bases with just a few foundations and a lot of ceilings all 3 tiers and bases with a lot of foundations and it doesn’t change much at all. Ive tried bases on flat ground and bases butted against land masses. No difference. Ive tried no flame light and active animation lights, no difference. The dashboarding only changes significantly with amount of people on the server.
I dont think FC cares, so Ive never said it before, but this is my experience of 6 months watching my game play.


I’m sure the cost will split the difference between the costs of DLC content and the game itself. I’m looking forward to it and am happy to buy it!