Is the new map PC only?

I just wanted to know if they was a actual GOOD reason to put aside 90% of your community and only releasing the beta/alpha on pc only.

Like I know it’s “easier to controls” if you realese it only on PC but let’s be honest.

We all been waiting for this for a while now. We’ve been tease and told it would come in the second half of 2020.

Am I mad that it’s not completed? No. Did I expect it to be completed and working properly? No

I expected to play at the end of 2020 at the same time as everybody else that’s all. And I find it insulting that us console player get to look and streamer just to get a hint of it.

Sorry if any of you found my post offensive. I had very high hope for the last week and now I’m just sad.


so, it states that it will be 19.99 during early access, but the price will go up after early access.source

So as a console user, not only do I not get early access, I get to pay more for it when it eventually comes out…

Conan Exiles wasn’t released on consoles until after early access with the exception of Xbox getting in mid early access, my guess is that this expansion will follow the same pattern until it is fully released.

Another thing is that the next gen console will probably be out by than. Wich most of us will buy.

And I don’t think I wanna buy the full game + expansion on the next gen tbh.

It may as well be pc only i mean right now you can’t even play the game on console they broke it 3 weeks ago

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an $9.99 at sales.

The new expansion is not PC exclusive, it will come out on consoles once the Early Access period ends.
The Early Access to Siptah will be on PC, as the expansion is not yet finished and we plan to keep working on it until we it is completed. There will be features that will keep being worked on, others that are added and so on, and there will be some areas that might still be a work in progress.
For more details on what this entails and why we chose this approach, make sure to check our devstream today at 5PM CEST. (at


When the early access ends, everything will be erased so that it will start over from 0 on PC, right?

it seems early access is for PC only, but when it goes out of EA it will be for all platforms.

There are currently no plans to wipe servers after the early access period.


Can’t speak for Funcom, but I doubt the server I play on will unless they break the database with an update.

I’ve been absent for 2 years but haven’t seen a wipe, pls correct if wrong.
Edit: cause i’m posting 2hrs 22mins for Oceania. Can’t wait.

Sooooooo since pc players get EA and console doesnt, we get to pay more and we don’t get the white rhino?

That is what happened in the previous early access ignasis. it is why some of us who were here thought the same will apply,

I believe one of the reason behind it. Is to have everyone on the same page including console players.

If you guys Don do it, then it’s great

It did happened when conan exilea was on early access (base game) . When it got releases all the servers wiped.

They never said they will wipe siptah when early access finishes , but it was an educated guess from people who has been around since launch. You

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