Early Access for PC, Do Consoles get the same Price?

So I know PC gets Early Access for $19.99.

What about console players? Are we going to be given a chance to pay $19.99 to buy it early, and wait for a later release, like a Preorder?

Or are we essentially being told to F-Off, that we will have to pay a higher price when it officially releases?

I know we can purchase DLC early on the PS Store, before you can actually download anything. It’s done with Season Pass items all the time.

So I am wondering whether Funcom is going to put a Siptah Pass on the PS Store for console users to purchase, which will make the expansion, when it is added to the store, Free.

Essentially like this:

9/15: Siptah Pass on the PS Store, $19.99
x/x/2021: Siptah Expansion added, free of charge now because you purchased the Siptah Pass; Siptah Pass no longer available for purchase (or else the price goes to $39.99, which is where I think the full price will ultimately land.)

Hey there,

Its price will increase when the expansion leaves Early Access, but a definitive price has not been decided yet. This price comes at the benefit of added and fleshed out content exclusive to the Isle of Siptah map, as well as less bugs.

A Year 3 DLC Bundle is not planned. As such, Isle of Siptah is not included in a Year 3 DLC Bundle. You might be able to pre-order it on full release, but it’s likely this will be at full price (possibly with a discount).

Yeah, my question is more in the nature of why PC players should get the right to purchase it at a discount early, leaving console users to twist in the wind.

Given the amount of content, I honestly can’t see the full price being $24.99. $29.99 is about what I’d expect in a best case scenario, but honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s $39.99.

Fact remains, that it is kind of bullsh*t for PC players to get a generous discount like this in advance, with no mention of console players getting the same treatment.

I’ll probably just wait until it gets a steep discount in the PS Store before I pick it up, if at all.

Plenty of content upcoming to keep me busy anyways, with Fatalis hitting Monster Hunter in a couple weeks, then Crown Tundra coming to Pokemon in November, alongside Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, the new Assassin’s Creed, and the just announced Monster Hunter Rise coming in March.

So I’m fine waiting for a sale on Siptah, if console users aren’t given the chance to buy it for $19.99 like PC has.

Because it’s an early access, and an unfinished product. We get it early because it’s a work in progress. Consoles physically cannot get that due to the restrictive systems and approval processes.

You’re not wrong, but your blame is misdirected. It’s not funcom choosing to ignore consoles, it’s the consoles refusing to allow early access builds. Place your complaint with the multi-billion dollar industry titans who take forever to slap a stamp of approval on every update

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