Twitch announcement questions

Siptah coming May 27th, will console get a preorder option to get the early access exlusive rhino skin?

When will it hit game pass and what does that entail?

That will probably fall under twitch drops tbh.

My questions were specific to Xbox.

I dont like tagging people but @AndyB any possibility of clarification to my questions. Please sir.

Hey there,

We will provide more information than the one dropped during the stream soon. :slight_smile:
For now, we’re working to have the VoD available as soon as possible for those who have missed the stream.


Thank you for your feedback if at all possible please have answers that directly address my concerns as i feel consoles are not being giving a fair opportunity at exclusive content. Id hate to see PC recieve one more thing that consoles dont have access to, only further dividing an ununited community.

Is there a price for console yet?

Ive searched but come up empty handed but more than likely we will have to pay full price cause consoles were denied the early access price.

I’ve never used twitch other than to click on direct links. Does anyone know what channels we have to subscribe to in order to receive the drops? Sorry if it’s a stupid question lol :joy: like I said I’m not twitch or for that matter internet savvy :man_shrugging: I’m old and outdated lol

There’s no announcement for the price yet. Once we’re closer to release it will be announced.
Regarding the Twitch Drops system, it will only require watching any channel streaming Conan Exiles and having your platform accounts linked.


Thanks for clarifying @Ignasi


Aye, thank you for the well worded answer. Appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:


That indirectly answers my questions. Which implies to me the following.

  1. Seeing as a price has not yet been decided, that tells me the idea of pre-order or other form off early access was never intended nor considered for console players. Leaving the rhino skin a PC exclusive.

  2. This answer also implies a lack of communication and fundamental leadership within the company as the full price for IoS is currenly listed on Steam. Yet you cant say what the price will be in two week when “Full Release” hits. “FULL release” and “FULL Price” see the correlation there.

I see the correlation, which is why I hope we get it for same price as PC. Id like to think the ones of us who have played and paid since day 1 in EA could get it cheaper than people who never played and waiting for siptah. I think all the headaches we have gone through for nearly 4 yrs of support ( happy, angry or otherwise) we could have a discount. And surely we can get the damn rhino skin. Better get the rhino skin. I want the rhino skin! :grimacing:


I have 4 years and 4 months I should get a bigger discount too

If i had to guess it will cost double then what pc paid look at how much the game cost on console right now then go look at stem. And remember its just a guess I’m not trying to make anything up or divide the community but console players pay more most of the time because it costs funcom more money for the console updates doto certifications

Yes, sadly, im sure. Its so frustrating to think though…yes PC players went through 6 months of EA and issues, but we console players are still dealing with them.
I understand people saying they wont buy siptah when exiles is still a mess. But I also want something new.
Its like straddling a spiked iron fence for me.
Do I, or dont I ?
You and I have shared so much with this game, a lot of our frustrations and game time tales.
The game is like a virtual second life in some aspects.
We’ve played other games when bugs were bad, but always found our way back to Conan.
I guess im hoping the company will take all of this into consideration when setting a price, but inside im feeling it will be like past experience and my hopes will be dashed.
I do hope we can continue with our tales funbags. I even have an idea of where I would love to build on Siptah and the biome looks glorious! But if they decide to charge $60 for the dlc/new map, I may just be caged in exiles.
I could pay it, but my heart wouldn’t be in it.
Anyway. I understand its a business, but business shouldn’t be all about money. I hope they have some consideration for player base and our feelings on this. Who knows.

If it comes to be 60 dollars, it will only serve to reinforce the claim at early access of it being a full game rather than a DLC.

Its been 5 days and my questions have yet to be addressed much less answered. Im just curious how close to release you guys are going to wait before you address our concerns? I know it takes a while to go through certification so the deadline for console to get any form of early access is quickly dwindling if not already passed.

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Any chance of an answer yet? Hmmmm?