Siptah DLC price

I know this has been asked a thousand times and in a thousand different ways, but with just over a week to release on concole and no word on price for this DLC, it is worrying, in the shear lack of engagement from you as a company to us the players. so could the only replay to this be the answer to the burning question, before your streamer on the 20th get bombarded with this question, when he’s meant to be talking about the games performance and how wonderful Siptah is going to be for Conan Exciles. let us move forward.

how much is siptah going to cost console users, and launched PC players.?

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I think it’s safe to say Thursday we will find out the price and hopefully a pre order option maybe.

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It was mentioned at some point that the price on release will be different than the early access one for PC and the majority of the posters are asking about the price on consoles as there is no official information shared yet in this regards. Dennis might be able to share more info tomorrow in his AMA session on reddit.


when siptah, is realised in full(not early access) on console, on the 27th may the price is yet to be announced, officially on Xbox and Sony stores, the current price on steam is early access pricing for PC only, and funcom have made suggestion, previously, after full release on the 27th may, this price will rise, for PC, also. but again the price is not been announced.

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you got flagged and your post edited for posting links to non-authorized key sellers. this is the reason why I flagged you at least.

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A bit of a zealot aren’t we? You could have edited without flagging the content, which was a perfectly valid post.
Anyway. water under the bridge, and I do not believe the anxiety attacks over pricing will bear fruition.

Why is not knowing the price such a big deal? It is $24.99 CAD on Steam right now. It’s highly unlikely it will be some absurd price of $79.99 or hundreds of dollars even.

It isn’t like we are planning here to make a large purchase that requires some budgeting and extreme changes to expenses.

If you were planning on purchasing Siptah, you have had a lot of time to put aside some zing in anticipation of buying it at release.

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I am not a mod, I can’t edit your post. As a forum user, I can flag it though if it is against the community guidelines and let the forum mods decide to edit, remove it or unflag it.

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Again, water under the bridge.

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