How do we play?

@Community - it’s time for the free weekend - how do we play?

Steam only shows Conan Exiles, not showing Siptah or any downloads for Siptah. I started Conan Exiles and there’s no option to choose Siptah through that way.

Am I missing something? Do I need to enter Siptah from the Exiled lands?

Siptah is scheduled to release on 15th. The free weekend, as I understand it, is for the old map since you need both anyway to play the new expansion.


Siptah won’t be available until sept 15, for early access on pc. Looks like it will be released in Early 2021 for consoles.

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Hold your horses, my Dude :laughing: :joy:

Even if the odds are against us, I am holding onto hope that by some miracle get it on consoles by Christmas. I guess it will all come down to just how well the car runs.

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I believe the idea is for full release on consoles and PC at the same time. PC gets early access, however.

Well that’s a bummer. The wording that Funcom is using is misleading. Reads to me that Siptah is free this weekend:


Well there goes my plans for my day off work. No excuse for not cleaning the house now.



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