Conan Exiles Isle of Update - Update - Update - Update - Update - Endless Updates

While I “was” excited to play the fully launched Isle of Siptah - participating in the “Twitch Drop” event may have set me back from playing for another 8 hours?

After first updating FIVE different times since server reset … and fulfilling the perquisites of watching 2 hours worth of streaming, I redeemed all three items and restarted the game in order to receive them.

But shortly after trying to relog into the game - it then forced me into ANOTHER auto update that will finish in 7 hours?!?

Just my opinion here but being unable to enjoy the game at all since it launched is pretty ridiculous after all the ping issues in the last couple of weeks in preparation for said launch. Just to sit on the sidelines again and again. Very tedious.

Please do something to consolidate these updates.

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