Game is now Unplayable

Got the new DLC today. Now I can’t load the game at all. Restarted Steam, Verified files. Even rebooted my computer. Still tells me there are currupted files and ends with a fatal error and crash. Never makes it through the opening video.

Got same issue - Got mods?

Hey @rioclete

Please make sure you don’t have any mods installed. If you had mods installed in the past, please also follow this workaround:


WOW! In one fell swoop every modded server has been hit as well as modded SP games.

I know this is always an issue, but it really makes me consider moving on after supporting it from the first EA.

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@Valkyrja It is the risk of running modded servers, you will need to wait a bit after a major update for the modders to update their mods. Give them some time, they are working hard to make them available as soon as possible.


Please read this thread from one of our modders:


There’s a new dev-kit. The main modders have been updating for a while now that they will need to update their respective mods.

This is not because of Isle of Siptah, but because of the added enhancements to the core game as well. Players from my servers have confirmed they are getting in without issue on Solo and without mods. Some modders were able to release updates same time Siptah was released, and those mosd work. Other mainsteam modders have already said how long they will be before updating. Check discord.


The full path where I found the file (modlist.txt) is;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods

Is this correct?

If you use default installation, yes. (my library is on another drive)

They said that you need to wait for the modders to update their mods, not that you can’t play with mods. Just have a little patience.


Have either of you ever played any other modded game ever?

Updates break mods. Every. Time.
This is nothing new and will never change. Mods are third party alterations to the game files, and when those files update things go wrong until the modders update. This is common knowledge and has always been a practice. It’s a risk you should always know when you mod a game, and your responsibility if things don’t work.

Don’t blame the game maker because mods are incompatible, and don’t blame modders because the game updated. Blame yourself for being too impatient for a fix.


Agreed mods make alterations to the game that game developers cannot or won’t. Thus if a dev would not touch areas that mods did it there game to avoid damage then a game would come out and never be updated thus no more games. Mods are a risk cause they can cause physical damage to computer in some cases along with damage to the game.

At this point it should be common knowledge that mods are not instantly playable with the newest update for a game. Things change and the game devs are obviously faster at changing these than the third party mod authors are able to adapt to them. Give them time, they work for free on their projects, it will take some days or weeks until they are able to find free time to work on their mods.

This has pretty much ALWAYS been the case, not only for Conan Exiles but for the entire history of gaming.


Really did you expect every modder to have their mods ready that takes time, relax and let them update over the next few days. Mods can and do cause problems when there are changes. Being upset will not make modders work any faster, just give it some time. Modders have real lives too.


I have the same issue, it won’t give a screen to remove the mods, it gives me a black screen of death. No commands, nothing. Conan will not play or do anything from the time you select to run conan

@Atigress have you tried this? you can also edit your modlist if you know which mods are not updated and crashing your client.

@Narelle - It is more than just the mods breaking, which I know happens every time. It is also a 60GB “update”, which is really an uninstall/reinstall of the game. It took me hours to get Test-Live client installed and then going through it again with the Live client. I had to quit the Isle map due to the constant droning of the WILD SURGE giving me a splitting headache. I doubt that I will go back to that map unless they make a major change to that sound (or its volume). I am not sure who thought a constant droning noise would a “cool” thing to have in the game.

An addition/expansion to the EXILED LANDS map would have been way better than a completely separate map and character.

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thanks that worked deleted mods and it allows you to progress to direct connect. No more black screen of death


I don’t have pc version of Conan exiles however if you can find in the settings of your pc (I don’t know if you can do it in game settings) but depending on the sound type you could alter it in a way that would reduce or alter the way the sound lvl and frequency is reduced but you might need help on the exact whereabouts to find these for that I cannot help much with out your pc in my hands per say

Edit the settings in your pc if alter would effect the whole pc and not just the Conan exiles

Why so small!!!

I had to disable 2 mod in my list (in Conan main menu) : CharEditLite and Cultural Buildings. One or twice of them locked the game. The others work right : ShutUp, SP_Boss_HP, WoPPlus (wheel of pain), CompassClock, Thurnocks_Numerical_Enemy_Health_UI, NoxUIchanges. You should be able to re-enable at least these ones without problem if you have some of them. (I also have a local home made mod which also works right, Lower_Aggro working really nicely :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps