Game is now Unplayable

I had to disable 2 mod in my list (in Conan main menu) : CharEditLite and Cultural Buildings. One or twice of them locked the game. The others work right : ShutUp, SP_Boss_HP, WoPPlus (wheel of pain), CompassClock, Thurnocks_Numerical_Enemy_Health_UI, NoxUIchanges. You should be able to re-enable at least these ones without problem if you have some of them. (I also have a local home made mod which also works right, Lower_Aggro working really nicely :slight_smile: )

Hope this helps

Lowering the game sound through settings will lower everything. The Wild Surge cannot be lowered on its own unfortunately.

I like the in-game sound and even adjusting my computer volume there is still the constant droning noise which after an hour is just unbearable. The Wild Surge cycle but when they hit it is hard to bear.

EDIT: There is also that god-awful loud banging with the start of each Wild Surge. At least 10 of them start one after the other.

I am experiencing the exact same issue. I downloaded the update, unsubscribed from all mods. As soon as I get to the Nvidea splash screen, I get a box that says “Serialization Error- Corrupted file”, then it crashes to the desktop. So I went through and completely uninstalled the game, reinstalled off of steam- same thing. Did it again- same thing. Pleaes explain what I am missing.

Hi mate, same problem here, after the message CONNECTING TO FUNCOM LIVE SERVICES all crashes into a fatal error and cant play.
Ive sent several tickets to funcom, but as usual they never reply.
Is there a way to skip this patch?

You won’t be able to play online if you do, but I think steam has a way to downgrade versions. You’d have to Google it, I’ve never done it before.

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