Fatal Launch Error After Updating

Ever since the update, I’ve been receiving an error message at the Nvidia screen during startup (not sure if the timing is relevant). It reads, “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.” So naturally, my first instinct was to reinstall. It didn’t fix the issue.

After receiving the message, the game will appear to start as normal, showing the loading notification during the opening cinematic. However, it will never stop loading. The cinematic will end, and it will remain on a black screen, endlessly loading. I have to shut down the game with Task Manager (which says the game is not responding).

I was quite enjoying my PC purchase of Conan after playing on console for years, and was very excited for the update. I’m now completely unable to play the game. An expedient fix/assistance would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: I’m attempting another reinstall. I just remembered that Steam doesn’t actually delete all game files when you uninstall, so I did it manually. Will post if that fixes the issue.

Likely a mod issue. Anything not updated by September 15th or newer needs extreme vetting to check to ensure its working with the latest update. The fix is to remove all entries in your modlist.txt or delete the text file. You did so when you decided to do a full reinstall.

Further, you may want to consider unsubscribing from all outdated mods as well, even if they aren’t in use.

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I had a similar issue. THis post should help:

After I renamed the mod list, I was able to get to the main menu. After that, it was a process of adding the mods back, one at a time. If I was able to get to the menu, I’d launch a single player game to ensure I could get into the game.

After several cycles of this, I determined that half of my mods were causing the game to crash. Since then, four of the mods I had to disable have received updates for Siptah.

Hope that helps.

So basically what I’m getting from this is: I shouldn’t bother trying to play this game for at least a week after this game updates, because it probably broke half of my favorite mods that were my whole reason for buying the PC version?

I’ve started going through with your guy’s advice (thank you for telling me how to at least figure this out by the way), and I’m only three mods in and Improved Quality of Life is already stopping the game from launching.

All of my saved games have used these mods. I’ve built homes in modded cities. They’re wearing modded clothing. This isn’t just inconvenient, it’s stopping me from playing the game. This happens every update???

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Some mods break with an update, some do not. This update is a major exception since so many files and core systems were changed and updated. I’ve been modding for 2 years, and this is by far the most extensive amount of changes that impact mods I’ve seen to date. But no matter what, every update, depending on what was updated and what the mod does, can be at risk at breaking. That’s just the reality of modding for any game that is still going through active development (people tend to forget the days where Skyrim had it’s own headaches once upon a time for the same reason).

So will you need to wait a week or so before your favorite mods are updated? Ya, probably. But there are also alternatives. For example, check out Hosav’s Custom UI Mod as an alternative to Improved Quality of Life. It’s been updated, it’s great, and it’s ready to go.

Pickup + is used by many players, but it always breaks on every update, and the mod author is understandably busy in real life that makes it so it doesn’t always get updated right away. Check out Unlock Plus with Pick-Up instead, which is maintained by an amazing and active modder, Testerle.

I don’t have any mods. clean version. but after the update, it still knocks out video card errors. reinstalling didn’t help.

I gave up and asked for a refund.

Unfortunately it’s not just IQOL that turned out to be broken. It’s more, and I’m not gonna bother restarting the game (a second time) AND loading into the game for every single one of them.

With just that being out of commission, it already meant I couldn’t play three of my four saved games. Literally any more of the main mods I use knocks out all of them. I just can’t play the game until those big ones are updated.

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