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Since the new DLC Isle of Siptah I can’t play the game. I start it from Steam and almost immediately get a crash. I have uninstalled Conan and reinstalled it and it still crashed on start up. I have to reboot my computer because the start up video wont go away.

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Have you manually removed all mods from your folders?

Check conan exiles\conansandbox\mods\.
If there is a modslist.txt, rename it modslist.bak or something.
Then reload the client and see if it still crashes.

I’ve never been able to play the game at all, as it has always told me there is a fatal download error (I’m on steam) and that there are corrupt files - this keeps happening no matter how many times I clear it from my PC, do a scrub and then a brand spanking new re-install.
But now since the latest update my PC struggles even to get beyond the intro cut-scene and keeps on freezing, the dialogue and sound easily outpacing the action. Almost as if my PC is running out of RAM, which is ridiculous as I have 16Gig of it free which should be more than enough.

BTW no mods, never managed to successfully load or play the game vanilla yet despite a couple of years of trying!

I am having the same issue and after attempting to load it as admin i got an error screen that said

Couldn’t Start:
CreateProcess() returned 2.

I have done multiple uninstall and reinstallations and verified my files multiple times also

i did what Eudas said and I moved the .txt file out of the folder and the game loaded fine after that. Thank you Eudas

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