I can't play, Can anyone help me?

Since the last 2 patches added to the game, my pc suddenly shuts down forcing me to unplug the computer for about a minute so I can turn it back on. I already tried to reinstall the game, check the temperature and the correct operation of the hardware (gpu, cpu, power supply, etc.) and I could not solve it. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong?

PS: The error seems to occur whenever I approach certain points on the siptah map as new luxur.

Have you tried 1) validating the game files or 2) uninstalling and reinstalling the game? (Don’t forget to backup your saved games first!)

yes, i tried both

The whole PC literally just crashes? What other applications do this? Try running some other graphics- or resource-intensive applications and see what happens with those. I find it difficult to believe that specific areas on the Siptah map are capable of absolutely doorstopping your PC. Is it possible that your HDD or SSD is/are dying?

I ran FurMark and OCCT 6.2.2 and nothing happened, just the conan shut down my PC. Days ago I changed the files to a new hard drive and it was not resolved either, I will try to reinstall Windows to see if there are any corrupted or damaged files

I copied a pre-sept-15 ConanSandbox.exe into an updated install. Doing so froze my computer where keyboard lights wouldn’t even work. So yeah, Conan totally can freeze your PC. Granted, I did something unadvisable :smiley:

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