Full PC Crash on Game Load

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Since the most recent update I have not been able to load Conan Exiles past the Load Menu without experiencing a full system crash. I have removed all mods, verified file integrity, updated drivers, and performed a full uninstall/reinstall through Steam and the issue still persists. Before this I was able to run the game at medium to high graphics with little to no issue. Originally it was crashing at the beginning cinematic, but now it does so when I try to load a new map.

Bug Reproduction:

Launching the game or loading into a game if it manages to get past the opening cinematic. It persists 100%.

You’re running Solo, but do you have mods?
If you have any mods then one of them may be an issue and needing an update.

As I said before; I have removed all mods and performed a full uninstall and reinstall already and that hasn’t helped.

I followed the troubleshooting step an official gave to the only other post here that seemed close to my issue and I manually deleted the files for the mods that may have still been present; then I tried to load a game again. I attempted an official running Siptah and it let me get to character creation before crashing.

It doesn’t matter if I am playing solo or online or local co-op. The game simply crashes my whole system when I try to load much of it up and it has only been since the most recent update.

Greetings greygardener!
Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to our forum.

In order for us to properly assist you, could you please share with us a screenshot of the error message that appears when your crash occurs?

Additionally, is this also happening in an Official Server?

We’ll be waiting for your reply!

There is no error to take a screenshot of as it power cycles my entire PC after a sudden and brief blue screen.

As I said before, yes–this is happening regardless of game mode or server. The last attempt I made was to play on an official server running the Siptah map and it also had the same issue. Previously I could not even load past the game menu before the crash would occur.

This has never happened prior to the update, but since the update it has happened 100% of the time I attempt to play.

Hello, it has been five days and your site states that reports will automatically close after 7 days–is this still being looked into? I have followed the troubleshooting provided and the issue still persists. (Again, I cannot take a screenshot of the error because the error in question is a full system crash that happens within seconds. It does not pull up an error)

Thank you

Seems like nobody even read your full message.

Maybe record it happening with your phone or something.

I had this happen once with some games, and what helped was unplugging the power cable (from the power supply, but also from the wall) and plugging back all the power cables, and all cables inside my PC that connected to the power supply.

That could work if there’s a loose cable problem. If not, if it’s actually the game, then I got no idea.

Good luck!

Thanks for the response. I appreciate that someone is trying to help. (I have mental issues that make a lot of things really hard, and Conan Exiles has actually been a huge special interest of mine since it came out. I purchase all the DLC over time because I have no real income and don’t leave the house. It’s been more than a game to me for a long time, but I guess now it’s just… gone)

It’s likely an issue with my PC being too outdated to run DirectX12, or something, but I guess I may never find out.

Thank you for the help, and I guess… bye Funcom? (I was so, SO excited for the tavern because I have always had difficulty with combat and really wanted lots of thralls to feel like I was in a living city, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards)