Technical changes with the new map?

The trailer looked fantastic, good work! I’ve definitely been looking forward to a new type of mount and areas to explore.

I was curious about what changes, if any, will be made to Thrall mechanics, undermeshing, and some other issues we’ve had on the previous map? Or will those things continue to be the same?

A lot of us have had issues with purge spawning, thralls randomly dying, foundation blocks up and disappearing (even with decay turned off) and other bugs that can mess up the gameplay quite a bit. Will you be releasing any patches along side the map release?


Hey there,

The base game will continue to receive updates. The Isle of Siptah DLC will receive updates from the base game, as well as updates to flesh out its map and squash nasty insects.

You can find the patch notes for the base game update here:

The base game update will come to consoles :soon:, possibly pending release of a couple of hotfixes - the first of which is currently in certification.

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