Update coming 1H 2020 and more - Update on Funcom's pipeline now available on the wiki!

Hey all,

Today, Funcom published their Q3 2019 financial report. I would like to highlight the following two things for Conan Exiles which were previously unnanounced or not concretely stated:

  • Next major update (after the December update) ETA: first half of 2020.
  • December update will have Steam Free Weekend.

Feel free to discuss Funcom’s pipeline regarding Conan Exiles here.

For Funcom’s full pipeline, see https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Funcom#In_the_pipeline
This pipeline is for upcoming games and ports. Current games’ updates are not included.

Unfortunately, the wiki page on upcoming features is outdated and is mostly ‘empty’ by now besides the key statements regarding upcoming features. Let me know if you want to help with keeping this page updated (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Upcoming_features)


That are some great news to hear. At least for me. Hopefully FC won’t get beaten up again for there next big update. Maybe thats the downside of an ongoing development of a game, which is about two years behind its features which once were announced. You have people demanding what was “promised” and you have people don’t want to see changes which effect them in a negativ way. :man_shrugging:

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They will. It’s part and parcel of being on the Internet in general: anything you publish for other people, even if it were free, will attract criticism and not all of it will be constructive or civil :man_shrugging:


I did not notice the post on the Investors site when the game which has been shown as part of the pipeline for the first time was initially announced. There was not a pr release for it as far as I could find.

Funcom always refers to their PR posts as the full posts. Initial game announcements aren’t mentioned on the PR site by the looks of it. I understand this decision, but it is slightly inconvenient when this is called “complete” while the investors post includes the announcement. I also understand the latter, I don’t like seeing “announces new game” for all of them, there’s trends etc.

They are not created by default. You can click on the link to create a discussion page.
It is easier for newcomers to do so this way, than by going there and then to the editor. It is useful; say: to not have empty boxes lying around when you don’t need them (maybe a bad example).
You can always join us in the wiki channel on the community discord:

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A fact mod authors know all too well, sigh.


did anyone else read this?

Untitled (Dune) (PC, Xbox One, PS4), TBA, in Pre-Production[28] by Funcom Oslo AS.

  • Frank Herbert’s Dune IP
  • 3 open-world, online multi-player games.[43] Survival, FPS or similair[44] with PvP.[45]
  • Very large scale, open world terrain. Multiple times the size of Exiles.[46]
  • Living / Changing worlds.[46]
  • A lot of different gameplay systems (Sandstorm, Combat, Building, Spice).[47]
  • Humanoids, creatures, vehicles and weapons.[48]
  • Uses the Unreal 4 engine[45][49][44][50] and will likely use DreamWorld Technology.[41]
  • Sold with a premium, game as a service business model.[28]
  • Timeline TBA.[28] RedEye estimates the first game could be published in the second half of 2021.[51]
  • Funcom works closely with Legendary Entertainment to make sure they capitalize on the opportunities and synergies between the movie and the game and is applying learnings from Conan Exiles .[28

How is no talking about this?


Because I’m a Dune fan much more than Conan fan and thinking of what Funcom might do to one of my favorite book series is depressing? :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL, that made my day funnier

Because it’s Conan Exiles forum, you know :wink:
I think that if it will look like CE (building, exploring, modding, single player possible) but in Dune setting I’d buy this one too in early access in spite of all possible bugs & glitches. But here we talk about CE.

I’m feelin’ that. :smiley:

There has been talk on Dune. It is off-topic, so I don’t recommend making more posts on it here. For more posts, use the Search function (top right).

Could you please remove the info from the wiki in your reply? The info is bound to change. Only post specific info that you have a question on -in this case the name-, the rest is clutter (no offense). There are people that know of the game already, so they are able to answer your question without this info.

Everything we had hoped for CE :frowning:

One is a finished game. Another is a promise to be delivered. If you’re holding your breath for Dune, I have a Riptide to sell you :wink:


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