How would a Dune MMO work anyhow?

How would a Dune MMO work anyhow? Only one house controls Arrakis and they typically still answer to three intergovernmental organisations, the spacing guild, CHOAM, and the Padishah emperor.

And all of that was turned on its head by one person, Muad’dib.

Oh well, the games will probably not be great, but that doesnt’ stop me from being hyped as all hell for the movie(s). Denis Villeneuve is a god.

Do we know the point of history where the game is set? If it’s in pre-Atreides era, we could be playing Fremen. Especially if it’s meant to be a survival game. Or maybe it’s not set on Arrakis at all, but on Salusa Secundus, the hostile prison planet where Sardaukar are recruited. That would basically let them develop the game very similar to Conan Exiles - maybe with less building and more clan-based PvP.

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Is game official at this point? Not a said path like Conan game. Surprised it doesnt have its own Forum section.

The player will run around collecting rocks and pee/sweat bags for drinking water for an hour, then spend 3 hours internally reflecting on the Spice.

When I imagine a Dune MMO I picture grunts and members of independent factions doing chump work for the various Houses and Bene Gesserit and whatnot with the greater conflict of the book(s) mostly occurring in the background.

Buuuuuut that’s just me.

My parents dug Dune when I was young, and my father called it pap by its third book, so by first embracing then dismissing, they left the series in my relative contempt. If I relegate my actions to the collection of Spice, have I summed up all future gaming potential?

No, but it should fall within the selection of the movies (major timeline)- That’s the only line I have there, the script tells me I’m not an expert. I should note that what I do assume is based on their partnership with Legendary Studios.

Only released, recent games have their own section.

For all information on Funcom’s upcoming games, see

I’ve been wondering this myself, but I do know I just wanna ride some giant sand worms!! Especially if they’re as massive as they are in the books.

Also hoping there is some sort of building system in it, as that’s my favorite part of Conan exiles.


Rip fps and rendering. That’s how the Sandworms would work.

Definitely. If they made it where you would have to learn to walk in the fremen style in the desert, lure the worm with a thumper, and then use hooks to mount and ride, it would be quite difficult indeed.

Good luck with that! :scream:

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Lol, you might need a team!

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In this I fear your parents did you a grave disservice :slight_smile: The first two books at least are pretty good. Third one and subsequent I’m not so convinced, but if you haven’t it’s worth reading Dune and Children of Dune…

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12-24man Sandworm Raid,

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I love all Dune’s Books except Children of Dune. My favourite being God Emperor of Dune. I wonder if in the game after your character dies you could return as a Ghola., like Duncan Idaho ?

If you think about it, the Exiles are like Duncan’s Ghola. We are reborn in our prime with our collective memory.

It was only the original Ghola the Leto the II created that didn’t possess the memories of his past lives. I never thought of that parallel, thanks.

Readily enough sadly.

  • Runs around frolicking in the sand
    -dressed like a salty crackhead
    -scurry around in assume cave systems
    -controls the spice, controls the universe

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