Dune: Awakening -- Announcement

Sign up for the beta quick!


PS5 HELL YEAH! I’m going to miss you guys when this comes out…and my work, my kids, my wife


Soooo I think we need to petition the Captain coming back in Dune.
Also I think a particular green signet ring should be implemented from an age long forgotten to even be legendary. It has the power to sense serpents and worms alike.

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Conan Exiles + Anarchy Online = Dune.

Really hoping it’s that simple.

Please let me in beta asap!

I will shamelessly beg!

Begs shamelessly

UE5 maybe?

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Sure hope so.

Time to upgrade my hardware!

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I don’t like having high hopes, but I can’t help it. I like Conan stories, but I abso-freaking-lutely love Dune.

Funcom better not dissapoint me :stuck_out_tongue:

Bi-lal kaifa!

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I think the setting has to be pre-Atreides and during the Harkonnen occupation.

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Maybe, or it could be after the Emperor betrayed the Atreides and Harkonnen retook the planet. You might even get to meet Muad’dib, just like you can meet Conan in Exiled Lands :man_shrugging:


Can’t honestly say I’m all that interested, personally. Not like I was for ESO, AoC or TSW. But it’s interesting enough that I’ll keep an eye on it and see where it goes.


If they don’t disappoint, I will be buying a new graphics card and some memory expansions.

From the people that brought you The Sandstorm, more sandstorms.


obligatory post:


The MMO bit will keep me on CE most likely.

I wonder if they have worked out the server setup? I really hope they go towards the Conan Exiles model and allow people to host their own servers. It has been extremely successful for the community, modders and Funcom. It’s great to have the option to choose to play with a large community on a public server or a small group of friends on a private server. One of the best decisions they ever made.

The hinted at player combat with spice harvesting and battling other players for spoils of the harvesting. Plus I may be very interested if there is this intrigue aspect that would suggest Houses

If you build too big a sandworm emerges and destroy your stuff!

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For those of us that are familiar with Anarchy Online, specifically their Notum Wars expansion… PvP was centered around resource gathering structures. Rather, tower fields, that harvested “notum”. There was no actual resources being harvested, but buildings (towers) that could be placed on a field to gain benefits. Each player could plant X amount of towers depending on a variety of conditions. They were highly prized, and encouraged large organized fights between hundreds of players. When things were busy, it was not uncommon for zones to be packed full to server capacity and for fights to spill over into other areas. These battles could go on for hours, spilling back and forth from city to city.

A lot of fun.

I am very hopeful that Funcom introduces some of their best mechanics into Dune in their most polished form. It could be the game that makes this the new genre of choice. It really just needs those few MMO/RPG elements to keep things interesting long term.

Gonna eat so much spice that my character becomes a giant floating grub in a tank full of spice-fog.

I wonder if it’ll have inter-planetary travel? No real reason the game has to be entirely on Arrakis.


Thanks but no thanks!