Dune awakening guild

Hello guys, you probably hear about the new mmo Funcom is developing Dune Awakening,
The game look pretty promising and a guild system has been confirmed, with also the possibility of becoming a house of minor by allying the guild with a Great house.
We have formed a guild in preparation for the upcoming beta this year, our goal is to establish trading with other players and guilds, basically we gonna focus on PvE content, but we also have couple PvP teams if anyone is interested.
Our guild is based on US if the game use regional servers, if you are from EU you can still join but be aware of the ping, so far we have grow over 100+ members already, we are aiming to higher numbers and more influence, if anyone is interested i will leave my discord name:


wait, theres gonna be beta already? This year?

Yes! If you check the “FAQ’s” in the official dune discord you see that they have plan to release a beta in 2023, they just updated the Faqs and they haven’t change it.

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