Dune: Awakening

I know that, maybe it’s not the smartest thing to ask about Dune: Awakening in Conan subforum, but …anyway. I’m just curious, are you guys interested in that new survival game? Are you waiting for it? Are you hyped? Will you preorder or will wait for rewievs?

Obviously that new franchise will steal players from other surwival games, obwiously from Conan Exiles also. I’m interested in core CE audience thoughts about that (cause it seems to me that only most interested CE gamers will visit CE subforum).

P.S. Just my curiosity.
P.P.S. I’m not interested in Dune - i would like to see devs give more love and efforts to CE. But who cares ).


Because the problems im facing on CE, i doubt i will try dune, unless it comes very cheap, due to the lack of support on connan the state of ofcial servers, with lag, bugs, the fact i cant log on the server i play since the update. Its hard to me to believe enough in FC, to commit with a new game from this company. Even if starts well who knows if they will keep it good when it ages like CE, despite they adding new contents, in my view keeping things working well should be prioritay.


Largely no. Because I expect it to focus on Arrakis, the least interesting place in the Dune universe. Its like all of Star Wars would only happen on Tatooine. Its boring.

Dune is a great IP but I dont expect Funcom to come up with an engaging game about it.

The parallels to Conan exiles are too obvious, and thus I expect the game to just be a Unreal 5 version of conan exiles. Which is not interesting in the slightest to me.

Make no mistake, Im a fan of Dune. Im even playing in a tabletop RPG campaign of Dune (Modiphius rules). This game tho? Not hyped at all. If Im wrong thats great, but my expectations are really low.

I’m on the fence. On the one hand, I’m a much bigger fan of Dune than I am of Conan. On the other hand, Funcom’s mismanagement is what made me lose interest in Conan Exiles.

I guess my final decision will depend on how much fun I’m having with other games when Dune comes out.


I’m on the fence.

If it was an open world survival Warhammer 40k my wallet would die.

I like Dune, but I’m afraid it’ll be a mess.

Dune’s best programmers probably haven’t even touched CE.

The problem with Conan Exiles aren’t the individual programmers. They don’t define the processes or the culture. Funcom has systemic problems, and Tencent added some new ones.


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I’m not sold on the whole Dune mmo idea, I mean it could be good, but it is also supposed to be a mmo which I have a bit of mixed feelings about.
Also I do remember reading the book Dune some 45 years ago when I was very young, I also saw the old movie that was came out sometime in the 80’s, I can’t remember much of it, I am a bit interested in seeing how it turns out as a survival mmo, but I don’t expect it to be anything close to Conan Exiles like many think it will be :slight_smile:


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This is exactly why I’m averse to buying Dune. Tencent has absolutely destroyed Conan Exiles with their insane monetization. I doubt Dune will even have workshop support so that content is better controlled by the company.

As with any purchase, I’ll wait for preliminary reviews. If it’s CE in Duneverse, I’m in. I wasn’t a Conan fan and if it wasn’t on a ps plus free game, I would never got CE. Glad I started and it helped through the pandemic. So with dune, I’m a fan and I’m really curious how it’s all going to work. From what I seen, it looks amazing and since console is immediately attached vs just a port, I’m expecting more from FC.


While I agree that Conan Exiles monetization sucks, I don’t think it’s a core problem with this game. I’m saying that because I’ve been playing New World quite a lot, lately, and I’ve come to appreciate the fact that monetization could be much worse than what we have in Conan Exiles and still result in a fun game with lots of players despite that.

The way I see it, there are three core problems with Conan Exiles. Two of them are part of Funcom’s baggage, and one was added by Tencent.

The first big problem is the quality. Yeah, sure, every game comes with buggy releases, but most of the games I’ve played get fixes for the big bugs much, much faster than Conan Exiles. This quality problem also extends to the monetization: Black Lotus Bazaar offerings are plagued by bugs that are left without fix for extended periods of time.

The second big problem is PVP. To put it bluntly, Conan Exiles PVP mode is an idea that will never, ever work, no matter how much they tweak it, because it’s rotten at its very core. The end goal of PVP in Conan Exiles is to drive your opponents off the server. Unless they change that – and they won’t – PVP will always suck.

The third big problem was brought on by Tencent, and it’s not monetization. It’s the change of focus. For each game, sooner or later, there comes a time when the studio decides to switch from the “growth mode” to the “profit mode”. While the game is in growth mode, you can expect to see new mechanics, evolution of gameplay, and other kinds of innovation. When it’s in the profit mode, you can still expect to see new content, but innovation is extremely unlikely. It’s been pretty clear for months now that Conan Exiles is really in profit mode, but Funcom still treats it like it’s in growth mode.

Now, how much of this will apply to Dune remains to be seen. My personal prediction is that Dune is going to be immensely fun at the beginning, enough to compensate for systemic problems that Funcent has, but those problems will have an effect in the long run and the game will start suffering after a while, just like Conan Exiles.

So, in the end, should you buy Dune? That’s your decision to make, but you should probably base it on whether you’re okay with these things or not. Basically, look at the price and the monetization, try to estimate how much money you’re likely to spend, try to estimate how long you’ll keep having fun with the game despite Funcent’s track record, and then decide if you’re okay spending that money for that fun.


I heard it will be PvP only and no PVE mode
So no, not playing Dune.

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We just don’t know enough about it yet to be able to make an informed decision. How many players will a server hold? Will there be cross-play? How big is the map? Can we build all over it like in Exiles? How are vehicles going to work? What mechanics will exist to make water discipline a fun gameplay element? Are there going to be dungeons and boss fights? Will there be progression options for noncombatant characters? What’s the gameplay loop going to be? Will there be expansions where we can travel to other worlds besides Arrakis? Will there be a player-driven economy and will it matter to most players?

If it’s looking to be a World of Warcraft-style full-fat MMO then it holds no interest to me at all. That genre’s been dying for years and the games that thrive in it aren’t even really good games, they’re nostalgic and comfy. It’s not a market that has a lot of room for a new entrant. If that’s what Dune is when I expect it go to the same way as The Secret World did.

If it’s the game Exiles was always supposed to be but on Arakkis then that could be a real hit. The low player cap and extreme server lag experienced on any server with 30+ players and/or a few mods has been a serious obstacle to creating a great play experience on a server and the move to UE5 could potentially fix both of those. That’s really exciting because at its core Exiles is a great game, just held back from its full potential.

If my friends and I could run a Dune RP server that holds 200 players and allows them all to play together with smooth gameplay then that would be a real winner of a formula IMO. Of course that vision is also dependant on support for modding like Exiles has. If Dune doesn’t allow modding then it might struggle in the long run. I won’t say that mods are necessarily always better than base game content but they do allow the game to be tweaked to match player and community preferences more closely and that’s important for getting people to commit to a game long-term.

If it’s a full MMO then I’m not interested.
If it’s Exiles on Arakkis with fixed lag, private servers, and modding then it could be something magnificent.

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It appears that Dune Awakening is where all the experienced programmers and managers went. Maybe that is where all the QA staff went.

I’m a big Dune fan. What little has been released makes it sound promising.

The Shadespice must flow.

I expect it to be sort of a fallen earth version of Conan. PVP “ZONES”.


Where do you think star trek’s replicators get their base atoms from :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes we are :wink:

See at top :wink:

I’m on the dune discord being me.
No they haven’t banned me yet.
Yes i talk bad about funcom.
No it’s not to put people off Dune.
I’m actually trying to “put brine on that boo boo”. I mean we all know funcom. Their track record for releases and updates is sad. I expect the first week to be

But the water will recede and the fire will go out. It may still be a smoldering dumpster in the sand but close enough to be Dune. Don’t want the thin skinned newbies scared off by the first week or three of the games release.

I’m hoping to get in on the closed beta, or at least a demo. I played small land long enough not to get a refund, honestly not sure I’ll get 20 hours out of it. Don’t want to do that again.

Enshrouded I know I could spend a season playing but not sure what the price may be or if they will make it more cheap PC friendly.

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Best of luck to you @DeaconElie let us know what happens

So there won’t even be a single player game? :scream: