How do you think about Funcom Develop Games with Open World Multiplayer in DUNE Universe?

In my View this is good news with regard to Funcom… and I nevertheless kinda wish they’d create another single-player RPG. Yet will Fish Dancer become a playable class? Whenever I kill an foe will they drop drinking water? It’s likely gonna become an MMO lite within the vein of Anthem or Destiny, but We hope they change their own mind and make this a Story Focused RPG with drop in supportive mode.- More details from Scdkey.


If it came with single player option like Conan Exiles, I’d be all for it. I like having the ability to switch from single player to multiplayer and back to single player. And I love Frank Herbert’s Dune series.

It really has the potential to be the best “sandbox” game ever! :rofl:


It would definitely add some spice to my life.



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You have better perfect the appearance of your character in Dune right from the beginning - there will be no genetic recustomization as is tradition in Funcom.

Also expect Funcom marketing department to sell Stillsuites seperately as day-one edition “bonuses”.

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Besides the one in development with Conan as the playable character?

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At first I thought to myself “not another white male protagonist” but considering how hardcore “whitewashing” and “feminization” is occurring in the entertainment industry right now, i’m actually happy there is a game about a strong white guy…

And i’m also glad they are developing Dune, considering it’s one of the last franchises with a healthy Fandom that didn’t get ruined by EA, Disney, Cryptic Studios or CBS. Funcom treated the Conan franchise itself well, technical issues aside.

Nerd franchises must remain under nerd control.


This is exciting news and quite a catch for Funcom with the new Villeneuve movie in the works, if the timing is right then the publicity benefits could be huge.
Such a rich universe of amazing story and characters, I was looking forward to the movie, now I am also looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

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Wow :open_mouth:DUNE
it will be a huge challenge. The fan base is even significantly larger than that of Conan. The world and the background story is inexhaustible. Implementing Dune for the gaming world holds great risks but also enormous potential.
Good luck Funcom, I keep my fingers crossed.


This news was utterly unexpected to me, but is delightful nonetheless.

I’m quite curious which direction(s) the games will go… will they only encompass what the new movie will cover? Will they expand into what all the later books covered such as the Bene Tleilax, Fish Speakers, or Ixians? How do you do open world on a universe so chronologically diverse?

Finally, I’m getting the hint from both the news and Funcom’s experience that the open world might possibly use UE4. This is an exciting thought due to UE4’s history of being very flexible for mods, as well as multiplayer flexibility (perhaps a reason for devs to dabble in cross-server linking, as per ARK) and for teams of both Dune and CE to co-develop in the same way that Space Engineers and Medieval Engineers dev teams help each other to improve both games.

As BiJay stated, yes - it’s certainly risky… many decades ago, movie production didn’t want to touch it because of how much they would have to adapt for cinema.

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If they do what they did to Conan story we are F… Funcom shod stay way from Dune that is a amazing SIFI story. They will butcher it like they did with Conan Exile (0 Story)
Why you may ask ?

  • Funcom has no writers
  • Funcom dos not have the skills to develop or to manage a online game (Conan Exile is the living prof)
  • Funcom has no idea how to make quests and how give souls to characters
  • Dune is a very complex world with hundreds of characters and meany faction
  • " He who controls the spice controls the Universe" Not the case for funcom they lack the skills to code a game of that magnitude

They shod deliver what they promise in Conan Exile first ( do you remember about magic ?)
They shod have at list one stable game before starting a new one

Last but not the list Funcom shod stick to console games and PVE not online PVP for PC

P.S. no need to worry, they struggling to get out a patch for a game that is under develop for more then 2 years :)) it will take a life time to do a Dune game :)))

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Actually Funcom did the wise thing and created a sub-space dimension BASED on the Conan Universe.

As the Ymir religion trainer hinted… it might actually just be a dream and the way the exiled lands works doesn’t even “feel real”. I mean… this is actually in-game lore.

It’s brilliant writing and is very respectful to the Canonicity and integrity of the Conan franchise and lore.
This is a shining example of IP management… not like the reboot madness of Captain Marvel, Tomb Raider, Star Trek, Star Wars… RetCons across the board everytime a director has a “better idea”- screw everything that came before.

For once a franchise holder does it right and goes about the causality non-destructively.

If anything, I believe Funcom will do something similar to Dune. They will respect the integrity and continuity of the franchise by creating something unrelated set WITHIN the dune universe, with the protagonists taking a narrative/support role, not an active role. Funcom doesn’t fix what ain’t broke.

One does not simply take decades of maturation and tweak it.

Say what you will about Funcoms misadventures, but respect IP’s they do.
Hell, the director of the new Conan Movie even asked Funcom for help on how to design the Picts.

I may be eternally salty about Funcoms’ marketing department’s handling of the Atlantean Sword, but that … unfortunately pales in comparison to the treatment the Chinese are giving the Star Trek franchise under the “tender” care of Paramount … I mean…CBS… I mean… Cryptic… I…mean Perfect Worlds. It’s being apssed around like some 1 cent strumpet, gathering RetCon STD’s every inch along the way, being Bukkake’d upon with microtransactions and one business men after another who can’t tell the difference between a constellation class and a galaxy class starship.

I am freakin glad Funcom never sold the IP, but I am sure they were this close to having done so due to bankruptcy.

I am glad Funcom holds Conan and are working Dune, because those franchises are the last ones left with any sort of intact continuity.


im sorry Sir but some graphics dos not make a game. it look like you are attracted buy the looks. i recommend you to read Conan of Cimmeria Book by L. Sprague de Camp, Lin Carter, and Robert E. Howard and meany more books after.
There is no story in Conan Exile game, i do not think if you can fill a page with all the lines in the game.

All that glitters is not gold my friend

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This game was never meant to have a story (beginning, middle, end). It has always been more about the story you write yourself, hence open sandbox. There is lore sprinkled through out for one to find and enjoy. But from solo to PVP, each person that has played this game an extended amount of time, has their own series of stories. Some funny, some tragic. I have enough war stories from PVP officials over the last 9+ months that would make Game of Thrones seem like Fraggle Rock.


Aye, what(mighthavebeen) said.

In order to enjoy a sandbox, one must first accept that existence itself needs no justification.
CE is a lore friendly experience, not a franchise endangering narrative.

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I will try to explain my self.
“The butcher wife die” Is not a story
“The butcher wife die and the carpenter kills him self” That is a story

In Conan you chose a tribe at character creation winch has no meaning, if the tribe you choose will not attack you or you will get 1 more str cause you are a bad ■■■ cimerian now that can make a story and a meaning of you character, choosing things with no meaning is not a story.
And btw i found it very disturbing if you imagine a story in a virtual world

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I love this game for the fact that it has no hand holding predictable story line… My character is what ever my mind imagines him to be. There are notes, letters scattered around and ruins that glow and tell of events. Even the ghosts are telling stories…

I don’t think the intention with CE was ever to write another epic chapter in a ( literature sense) Conan Cannon…

Let your imagination run wild with the sandbox we have been graced with.

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I think to have a great story in a game you need to be the “lead” character. Events unfold depending on your actions. I don’t see sandbox games in that light. Best story game I have played was witcher 3.

I like the tidbits of lore in the game, especially when I don’t have to read myself. They need more voice actors to read that stuff to you! Not sure how you could tell a story in a sandbox that relates directly to your character.

However, it would have been cool to include a few small perks for races. I chose a cannibal as my race and first thing I did was eat raw human flesh, which made me sick. I made the wrong assumption about cannibals. I assumed they ate raw meat, my ignorance I guess. When I cooked the flesh was all good. But still I think I should be able to eat raw meat as a cannibal…lol.


Purely based on my experience with Conan Exiles, I’ll be skipping any new games made by Funcom until long after they launch. Watching them try to get CE to work correctly is like watching a chihuahua try to fetch a basketball; it’s hard enough without tossing a soccer ball at them too.