Stealth update with no devkit to modders is poor form

I’m actually stunned that none of the mods my server uses broke. Nevertheless Funcom this was really badly done on your part. The only reason I and MANY others play your game (and continue to buy things from your cash shop) is because of private modded servers. That you would treat the people who make those servers possible so badly is just mindblowing. Destroy the modding community and you are going to hemmorage players. At the very least you owe them a huge apology and a pledge that this will not happen again.


I have to wonder why every different faction of this game think they are the ones keeping it going?

So after funcom went out of their way to make sure this update didn’t break any mods, you are still going to get angry and admonish them.


I don’t pretend “we’re the only ones keeping the game going.” I do know we’re a sizeable community that FC makes money off of.

And I don’t think you can say it didn’t break any mods. My server just got lucky and there are some pretty angry modders out there who are considering walking away if this is going to be the new normal. How hard would it have been for FC to put out a statement saying, “We are about to deploy a game update but we are confident it will not break any mods and therefore there will be no prior release of the devkit.”?


Alexandria you have my fully support and you know that, i feed great respect for your feedback in here always. I ask permission however to start this conversation here. If you think that this will destroy your feedback let me know and i’ll instantly delete.

The question i have here is how did we end up here? Why does Funcom decided not to give any info of this update to our community?
Have we become so “pushing” and stressful?
Is it the last survey?
Fear, ignorance or overconfidence ?
I don’t know what to think here, as a player and costumer i am both confused and worried.


Probably the new devs on the project did not know yet that they need to release the devkit as well.

You know how it is in management: you shift around developers because there is no such thing as “knowing the codebase” or “knowing every little tech aspect and why it was implemented that way”. They think people are easily and quickly interchangeable.

The reality is different. New developers need time to get used to the codebase. To learn the code, how it was written, why it was written etc.

But if they fire and hire all the time, no wonder the codebase of the game is unmaintainable mess.

Where did you get this information that new devs exist on Conan exiles?

These assumptions are serious, you know that these words cannot be accepted lightly.
I would suggest you not to create rumors for company functionality, these “waters” are not for public discussion.
We constantly cross lines here we shouldn’t. We may play a game but not everything is a game.
Crossing lines all the time is on us, not them!

DO they fire and hire all the time? WAS it new devs that shoved out a game update while totally not observing established protocols regarding the modding community? It seems far fetched but then again ever since their evil overlords took over there’s just been one tone deaf and predatory action after another so I guess it could be true. But I don’t think we KNOW.


the devkit is currently 2 updates behind the base game

they didn’t go out of their way to make sure this update didn’t break mods. modders who maintained clean mods with no core blueprint overrides made it through safe, modders who did dirty edits are having problems. you don’t know anything about modding or the modding community, deacon.

a devkit update would have been great, though. after the last hotfix they told us a devkit update was coming but with no ETA. a month and some change later, another base game patch, and still no devkit update. funcom’s communication with the player base in general is bad. modders are just another part of the player base who aren’t being communicated with.


Well you see, the modded offerings in the game cut into the proceeds from the Bazaar (just like the Battle Pass) so keeping those around is a low priority…

This one jest…



You should know you’re fine dear. I’ve never seen you be less than respectful and reasoned. <3

Also, “The question i have here is how did we end up here? Why does Funcom decided not to give any info of this update to our community?”

That’s the million dollar question right there. I was with Age of Conan from Day 1. And I watched them just trash that game once they got super involved with Secret World. I had been really excited for Secret World… until I saw how they treated Age of Conan due, I believe, to putting all their attention on the new shiny and leaving AoC and its players to burn. So I didn’t buy Secret World and didn’t buy any other Funcom product until they lured me back in with Conan Exiles. And now I’m wondering if I’m just watching history repeat itself. Fortunately I’d already decided not to buy Dune because I do not buy anything that FC’s new evil overlords have any ownership of. So Conan Exiles is truly my last rodeo with Funcom it looks like.


my thoughts on your very valid question is :
because they knew it will not be well recieved.
because the contant change of plans make people unconfortable,
because they seem to be focused on dune awakening.
because they have nothing important to show , due to a change of priorities,

they actually broke the mold on how they do things,

they did not announce the end of the sacred hunt, even when they said the event will be around until the end of chapter 4.

remember when the event launched and 15 days later decided to bring it down? for some kind of “experiement” they words not mine. i mean the level of inconsitency we are watching is something to be worry about. we all have seen how disorganized they are, but now it looks like they are reaching heights, we never seen before.

time will tell.


We share a common sadness.

Age of Conan was so great. Until it wasn’t anymore. I miss it.


Right there with you. There was a brief Golden Age on the Cimmeria server that has never been equaled by anything else I have played since. Alas, RIP Cimmeria!

At least I got a pretty awesome husband out of it tho! LOL


You’re posturing a complaint when you really have no legitimate reason to complain. Much less chastise the developers of this game.
You’re astonished your server wasn’t wrecked by non-functional mods due to a surprise update.
Seriously: Get real.
You really have no grounds to stand upon to complain or chastise anyone.


:smiley: No real reason?

  1. Regional prices are stupid, game cost less than 3 skins
  2. Without devkit update there is no DBNO state in some mods because cant fix mod to show it up
  3. Stacksize + fashionist, and unlock + owner ( one of popular top mods already said he will stop do anything if this continues )
  4. there was no announcement of update to mods and it more less looks like they started to add shit updates without ability to even fix the glitches they did… ( like last update when some modder fixed they glitch of game - in december )

And many more with on hit i just dont remember

Oh ye random pull off from mod that killed MANY servers, without warning,
each update takes up to 2 weeks to actually get server runnning

counting up the update that actually killed to month every server because game was not able to read mods in cache … ( War 2 ) and many more problems each update make to users and modders…


I have read all these years the word “dead” in here so many times that the saying “if i had a penny for each time…” suits perfectly.
Yet it’s the very first time that i am really afraid…
No i won’t wear my black suit yet, i will keep my optimistic character and i won’t trust the burden in my heart.
I loved this game a lot my friend @Alexandria
You totally know the feeling.
Thanks for allowing me to share my burden, you helped me a lot.


Seem to be the norm nowadays…

itlest for me, I go back to playing a game, 2-3 days in. Mods updated.

Then BAM, Update that breaks stuff. XD

Conan Exiles, Hogwarts Legacy got one other day… Minecraft got another which made ps5 hardcrash even more.

Which is funny… we live in digital age, which is suppose to make contact with customers even better. It only feels worse. XD

(No offense to CM of forums) you all were there this morning (for me anyway) updating posts.
Fact Funcom has a Forum and hasn’t gone to Reddit/Discord only is a god send.

Thou I wish In-Game Start Screen new section had mention update was coming. I would have spent my garned fangs instead of going to bed that morning.

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I’ll see if I can track down the video by a repeat funcom customer that says as much.
But till funcom went all tencent season/passes/events, I thought Conan was just going to be another forgotten about funcom game when the next new one came up.

Next new one is Dune awakening, soon to be released; I figure fall.

This. They changed up not only the content cycle but the monetization as well with both giving the middle finger to the consumer while back tracking in double speak that these changes will force them to product quality work

Here is a hint on true quality culture. If it’s not working right, then don’t release it. If it’s not vetted, don’t release it. If you think adding more time on the clock will stop a culture of shoddy quality, then you will be heavily disappointed. I see nothing in the public facing announcements that a quality of culture has taken foot. I see removal of customer value items (battlepass and short turn around to new content) and promises of better futures but no specific change being concretely expressed on what is changing to get this better future.

Lets be very real here. The first age that was released was already in the works for 4 years prior. The next age was pretty much panned as a failure and this change on how CE is going to run confirms it on their end. The options are running out for the game to capitalize on it’s own success and the new products are getting more and more fanfare from both the company and the gamers. If CE cannot get self-sufficiency soon, it will die.


Neo answered this pretty neatly for me. Yes, I got lucky. But it was the blatant disregard for the modders and the community that depends upon them that blew me away. It was ill done. End of story.