Possible to go back to earlier version with Steam?

Since i mostly play single player and do not like the recent changes at all I looked up some youtube videos on how to revert a game to an earlier version. I would like to go back to before they removed the thrall health bars, lets say about 2-3 months. After that I would disable updates for Conan Exiles in Steam.

Question is:

  • Has anyone already tried to install an earlier version of Conan Exiles?

  • Would the Denuvo DRM generate problems? Since it was removed with the latest update i think the corresponding servers will be switched off soon (if they are not already).

  • Would the DLC (not future ones) still work?

  • Could Funcom release multiple versions of their game? All I want is a pre-funcom-live-services version… That way people could use this version for online play. All the steam API related stuff would work again…

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You would need to find a …well break laws, to get a version of game you can install yourself thats not connected. (which in turn… depending on version would stop some DLC from working.
And the ability to buy new dlc… You’d also miss out on Mods that update over time, or are made for latest version.

Or keep backups on your own PC. (I’m not really aware if that can still be gone, but most of above still applies)

Yes… But No. To keep them in service, the team would need to split work to 2…3…4 versions of a game. Lets say a critcal bug is found… the issue that come with keeping several versions up isnt worth the money it takes to do it.

At best… wait for a patch, (as it was noted, there looking into PC Version offline options. ) Its on there known issue/wanted list. =3

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