Show servers with mods as default

As in the topic. This should help a lot of servers to be introduced to new players. I am aware that this topic was mentioned before but i believe that it has been overlooked so i’d like to elaborate on it.

Server admins really love mods on their server(like myself) but one of the main reasons of doubts if they should install any mods or not remains unchanged: Installing any mod to the server decreases(!) it’s visibility and attention that dedicated server gets severely. You can ofc claim that the issue does not exist and say: What’s the problem if players can just turn this option on if they want? The problem is that this claim appears to be true only theoretical. Practically the newcomers hardly ever do this. It’s a psychological issue. It’s literally asking newcomers to make their choice based on knowlegde that they didn’t earn. The other thing that newcomers have doubts about it “Will installing mods interfere with my game, can it brake game files etc.?” so in nearly all cases they think that “it’s better to not risk” after they allready spent time downloading huge gigs of game.

I can tell you that we could actually ask totally reverse question if servers with mods where shown by default: “What’s the problem if players can turn this option off if they want?”. You get my point ? If all servers are visible by default then why the servers with mods would be discriminated this way and disconnected from fresh players? It’s very severe issue for dedicated servers if they should or should not install mods on their servers, becuse they are at risk of loosing players’ attention very severely.

The very same psychological mechanism are behind you Funcom not implementing this change and players being blind to servers with mods: Being Lazy ! But no offence! “Being lazy” if often very right, but i just wanna point out that having more insight on players behaviour is a good way to not overlook some issues, like you probably did. “It’s a tiny change, why would we even be bothered with it?”. Players are left with the same thought “Why would i even bother clicking this box?”.

Second one is like i explained above: Lack of trust for anything that could possibly interfere with player’s game integrity. We know that mods are totally safe, but it’s only us who knows this, newcomers can’t know it at all. Making this option turned on by default would communicate that the mods ARE completely safe.

Believe me that this “tiny thing” (probably being considered by you to be not worth attention) can make a huge impact for dedicated server and connect fresh players with servers, and solve the problem of “serverblindness” for server owners. Cheers and think about it.

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I think the browser should remember what you sought last, not “default” anything.

Regardless of the browser having it’s memory the setting has to be changed in the first place and as i pointed out: it hardly ever is

And how about those who prefer to find servers without mods ?

Then they will be the ones suggesting it should be back the way it was.

The only way to be for everyone is if the browser atones to the personal choice by remebering the one you used.

They can just turn it off, it does not interefere or hurt them in any way. The browsers can still be set to remember player’s choices anyway.
It’s just a tiny detail as i said.

This is what I said, this is not what your topic originally said.

The topic says it should show servers with mods as default, and go on saying that it should be turned on and then whoever wants turn it off. Why not the reverse ? Why not stay as it is, but someone can set it up on if they so wish ?

The only thing that should be added is storing user preferences, but nothing else needs change.

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