Server with mods, we are dying! help!

Hello Everyone,

A week ago i created a post about the filter preventing servers with mods form staying alive.

We used to have about 10 new people a week but after we added mods we have almost no new people. This is a big Issue, for everyone that is trying to run a server!

Just to be clear, it is not because people don’t like the mods. It is because they can not find the server in the in game server list!

You are currently excluding a lot of new players from modded servers, Since they don’t notice this filter being on as a standard.

This should be reversed to “Do not show modded servers”. Because since this is currently “Show servers with mods” you have made it so that new players don’t see servers with mods on them! It is also the main reason why modded servers die out all the time!

I am really disappointing that this small issue has not been change in more then a year. It was one of the main things in ARK, that was changed in EA. Please change this as soon as possible!


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Just for info:

We where using a few simple mods:

Better Thralls v1.7.1

More Fighting

Swift Elevator

LTs Compass (Minimap)

I have now removed all the mods because of this damn filter.

While this doesn’t impact me either way, I’d say it makes perfect sense to (default) show modded servers, and then make it very clear in the UI that it’s a modded server so that it isn’t sprung on people by surprise.

Mods can, after all, be anything from minor tweaks to… seriously effed-up experiences with adult themes that go beyond and above what you’d expect to see. Which may be why they’re off by default (though I’m guessing here).

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Yeah, i absolutely agree on that. They need to fix this, it is really bad for modded servers and it is a shamed to. The small mods made the npc Ai so much better and i loved the faster elevators but it is more fun to play with people :slight_smile: That is why we had to remove the mods.

Please do this so i can get mods on my server again!

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