Alright I will come right out and ask it

I want to know clearly as I have looked on the internet and have seen the question asked . Simply put is modifying game files when playing on official servers in Conan Exiles considered against the rules. I have looked through the rules before venturing here to ask and did not find anything specific just broad. Does anyone know ?


It is not possible to run mods on official servers.

For a mod to work both the client AND the server must be running the same mods, and official servers aren’t running any mods.

I hope that is what you are asking, because editing game files client side only IS considered hacking and that IS against the rules.


Thank you ! That is exactly what I was asking . Though do you mind me asking you through , where did you find the specific answer yourself . I am not questioning your answer I just want to be able to prove it when asked myself. I thought it felt wrong to be playing around with game files and sounds fishy to me .

I found this answer the old fashion way, I have been around since day one. And I ran a private server for a while. So from experience. :slight_smile:

If you try to log onto an official server with mods, the game wont allow it and tell you that the server isn’t running mods.

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I meant in the game rules it is a little vague on specifics and I understand why, but it makes it difficult to define issues.

That I can’t help you with. sorry
The rules seem vague to me too.

It all resumes to this line: " Exploits are uses and abuses of game mechanics to obtain an unfair advantage over other players including creating a detrimental play experience." from the Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

This means that if you modify things to obtain an unfair advantage ( compared to a non modified version of the game ) then you expose yourself to a ban . Not necessarly the ban will happen , more over if the modification you done goes unoticed but that also means it doesn’t really give an unfair advantage …

From my point of view , except for QoL like removing the intro cutscenes at launch of the game , if you play on an official better not modify any files at all

but that doesn’t mean you can’t play on private servers with mods at the same time , you can easily switch your mods and remove them from the ingame list when you play on officials and put them back when you play on modded ( for example my solo game is full of mods I tested ) but I play on officials online :wink:


Gotcha. Yeah, I referred to Officials on the OP as private servers make mostly their own rules. I agree that is what lines says to me also, but many will need it spelled out specifically to prevent this . This was brought up in a voice call I was in and I tried to reference the rules and could find the specifics needed to put the issue to rest for all.

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Maybe this should also be feedback? In that I mean to add more specifics to the rules though without giving instruction of course ?

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Even when the information is not explicitly stated, is the risk even worth the effort?

There are systems in place that give the players a slap on the wrist, and won’t even let them connect in the first place, until the files are restored.

But, when the integrity checked is bypassed deliberately by the player there are things like BattlEye, VAC, etc…on PC and the actual network on Console such as PSN, XBoxLive, etc. that will issue global bans (on many games not just Conan).

I know you aware of all of this and those that are asking for specifics also know it but, they will do what they want anyway.

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