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this will get taken down by the troll army pretty so…

1- funcom has to stop pampering private servers because they rely on mods to “improve” the game. mods are fun but they are not coded by funcom to match their coding. also most people constantly complain about their mods not working when FC “fixes” something. if people could simply understand that mods are not coded by Funcom thing would get interesting.

2- Funcom needs to fix its official servers. stop focusing on private servers until Private servers start to realize that they need to bash on the mod makers to updates their junk instead of bashing down FC.

3- funcom REALLY needs to fix their official servers. idk how many times the official player base( or mostly whats left of it) said it in 3 years… official server is what makes the player base and not the chose few who run on private server with mod that are not compatible with the game.

When I use several filters on the server browser I will get this numbers for the region EU:

Official Server: 175
Private Server without Mods: 1262
Private Server with Mods: 765

I think you are wrong with your statement, because there are nearly five times more server with mods, then official server (at least for the region EU)

Over all there are more then 2000 private server.

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i made a previous post about this.
there are definitly a truck ton of empty private servers but sadly people come for the official
also you overlooked half of what i said.
modders need to adjust their mods when FC makes an update and not the other way around.

also why the hell did my post get moved from general, where it was intended to > players helping crybabies?

I don’t get it. What makes you think that FC does not act like that?

And btw, there are a ton of empty official server, too.
If half of the official server are empty and half of the private server with mods are empty the result is still the same: more people are playing on private server with mods, then on official server.
If only the half of the private server with mods are empty and not one of the official server, still more people are playing on private server.

If you play on an official server, you belong to the minority.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this. Could you explain in more detail?

I don’t see how Funcom “pampers” private servers when they don’t actually do anything to support them. Yes, their game has modding support, but that’s about it.

Yes, people sometimes post their bug reports about mods on the forums, but usually, when someone points out to them that a mod conflict could cause their problem, they can figure out which mod causes the problem and then contact the mod author. I don’t see this as a major matter - Funcom can simply ignore these threads, and the rest of us (those of us who may be using the same mods) gain the information that the mod is not up to date and may be causing conflicts. I tend to avoid playing for the first day or two after a major update for this very reason, hoping that someone else will stress test the mods for me.

I agree that Funcom’s focus should be on official servers. I believe that’s already the case.

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Two things Ive learned about Conan Exiles in the last year.

  1. Official servers are a jumping off point. The official server Im on, We are the oldest peeps there. Everyone else has left. Gone to private servers.

  2. Exiles is no longer a soloable game.

I dont like modded servers for these two reasons.

  1. it takes 10 minutes to long into any server.
  2. FUncom PLEASE shut off the movie with a click for modded servers.
    Part of the 10 minute wait is seeing that dang movie every time you log in.

If FUncom is pandering to them, they need to pander more.

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I can not agree with this. You can play CE solo on PC thanks to some mods. A good collection of mods can model your own clan (Better Thralls plus some kind of resourse-gathering mod for example). And if you want some danger for your base you may turn on Purges. Or may turn them off and be a happy builder and explorer as well.

2:45 min on an average PC with SSD
This is maximum 1:30 minutes longer then to log into an official server.

I skip the videos both times just by mouse klick.
The second video (after the mods get loaded) sometimes skips on its own.

If this is the only reason for you to are not playing on modded server, you should give it a try.

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