Enough of the "go to private server" noise. Its statistically not working


There’s an emerging trend thats frustrating to witness - victim blaming.

The formula is simple, person comes onto the forum frustrated end echoes how an official server is being abused by cheaters. Folks immediate response is to redirect that persons frustration by way of two choices - live with it or move to a private server. Funcoms immediate response is to give the greenlight to these abusers with comments like “we prefer to focus on exploits, not exploiters” or “we have too many servers to moderate”.

So lets unpack that a bit more.

Move to private servers.
In Australia there is approx 290+ servers running conan (PC), and out of those servers 90% of them are empty with the highest and most popular server remaining #1974 - which median average of 20 players per day on. 1974 may i add is filled with undermeshing, cheating, vaults etc. Next down from that is PVE or private servers that are month old and generally last less than a month.

There are approx 9k players right now “active” on Conan and out of that 9k there is 75 in Australia. There is 15 “official servers” which only have 3 actively used daily (PVP, PVE and PVE-C). PVP has the highest amount of players.

Private servers have shown they can’t compete or attract new players as much as the offical servers, so the herd says “Private servers no thanks”… what do now?

Focus on Exploits vs Exploiters.
This has been talked to death, it sounds great to say it out loud but the problem with this is Funcom also need to show evidence that the tide is turning, meaning if you submit to their procedures for reporting, whats in it for us? … also stating this outloud just gives every cheater out there the green light “no harm or ban will come to you” - so …id prefer if you all said nothing on the subject honestly as to enable this behaviour intentional or not, is not helping… but the damage is done so… it is the way.

Victim blaming.
Fans of the game come to this forum to vent frustration, they are simply wanting restorative justice “help me”. The community in generals resposne is mostly “its your fault for using an official server”. I’ve never encountered this dynamic in 20 years of gaming, where a player who asserts “Official” as being branded and safe is somehow at fault for not knowing better. Funcom have done a masterful job at avoiding responsibility for this and asserting excuses for why they don’t take action.

Looking at the total official servers vs active players per server, you could actually cull the servers by 50-60% and reduce the empty vacant existance to then consolidate behind the player base to support them. Building fans who can become influencers would actually potentially increase the games community expansion not reduce it or fragment it.
Fragmentation is bad, when you have avg 9k users playing the game over 9k servers world wide… the math says “don’t do that” as your clustering / population controls will simply thin out and burn out quickly.

Players adoption cycles are play on official server, get burned. Move to private servers, watch population die down, rinse repeat, abandon.

Break the cycle or don’t, but the numbers show a decline in adoption.

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Imagine being this angry about how other people play the game you make a rant about how they’re wrong.

If you actually look at the real statistics outside of your niche observations, you’ll see the most populated servers are actually private ones(Source). Private servers can be run by players and actually moderated without people screaming about the developers being the worst company ever for x reason.

Officials are unmoderated because A) some people prefer no moderation; and B) funcom is a relatively small studio, and moderating hundreds of servers is an outrageous ask of them. They shouldn’t have to babysit the community, they’re there to make the game. Why divert funds and manpower to cleaning up foundation spam, or hunting down every undermesh base? A player run server can do that, while funcom remains focused on bringing updates that slowly, but surely are fixing these issues.

A while back I saw you suggested community volunteer moderaters for official servers. Now how do you think that’ll go? You’re already against private servers for admin abuse, and yet are perfectly fine with these volunteers declaring themselves gods of the official servers and having ultimate power over them. I find that a bit contradictory, as if you believe in admin abuse then you should believe it will be present everywhere.

The best middleground I can really agree on is shutting down some of the more abandoned official servers, but even that will cause backlash for the few people who do still play them. As I keep saying between this thread and the other you’re raging on; there is no way to make everyone happy.


keep upkeeping medoicrity … its totally working.

Here we go the unofficial spokes person for Funcom responsible for keeping the stalemate alive. Please educate us all on the official stance from an unofficial spokes person.

9,000 servers all heavily populated …oh wait… 9,000 players in total… hmmmm… so does each player get their own server… fragmention achievement unlocked.

Thats it…i just gave you a sample of Australia as an example that even with a consolidated audience the numbers still stack in the official servers favour resulting in unpunished / unmoderated …wait…why are you still advocating for mediocrity … serious question… why do you take the position where you have to advance that private servers are the only option DESPITE the data saying “no, you’re just plain wrong”

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If by “mediocrity” you mean me actually enjoying the game and not coming to the forums to scream and cry about how life has wronged me somehow? Also, I have never once said it is the only option. Also, your data sample size comes from a nation with some of the worst internet in the civilized world, of course there’s less private servers there; most people don’t have access to the speeds to host. If you look at the rest of the world as a whole instead, you’ll see the opposite is in effect.

Show me where here I said private servers are the only way.

If you have such a problem with the developers and how they run their game that you’ve spread this rampage across three threads simultaneously right now, maybe you should take a night or a year off the forums to calm down. Maybe if you find this mediocre, you should go seek out something else to satisfy you.


just to be clear, thats where you hit rock bottom with that remark.

Like i said, you keep championing medicority and proping up Funcom, the more of you the less responsibility and causation for response from them. Who needs Funcom when fanbois like you take all the hits for them by explaining your own bias as being the gospel

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Hmmm I will say this all the mmo games I’ve played once you realized that there a private server for that. Game its always ran better because it not a job but a passonate project and people come together to make it great once money get involved and you get rules laws and labor laws and then you get into lots of things and the dread of having to do it as a job is draining but as a admin for private server you can decide in how to make it better team up with a modder you see official server are just starting point a taste of what is there and then mods and private server makes it so much more fun stop making funcom look bad they can’t help it if a alpha tribe was able to farm better then you it called life move on and find a private server that for you with a bustling discord group

That’s fine, this post is rock bottom already.

Your buzzword mediocrity means nothing when you have nothing substantial to back yourself up beyond declaring yourself the ultimate wise one and looking down on people who actually like the game.

I repeat myself; if you are so vehemently against the devs and community as a whole, why are you still here? At this point all you’re doing is reducing any argument against yours to “fanboys”. And yes, I consider myself a fan of the game. I enjoy playing it the way I do, and I don’t make topics venomously attacking anyone and everyone who disagrees with me while lashing out at a company on their own platform.

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At least i stand for something other than propping up the medicority of “we should be just be thankful for the scraps they give us”. I mean i’m pretty clear and consistant in my position, whats yours?

To recap you actively go out of your way to promote a false positive which is private servers, the moment yet another post appears about someone pleading for help from Funcom on cheating, the loyal disciples immediatley rush to push out the first post of “officials suck, go private” despite all of the evidence constantly proving that the herd of the game disagree with your position on this point.

Wise one? all you’ve done is attack me personaly and not the position. Your answer is “don’t disrupt Funcom, because reasons” … medicority disciple is exactly the right terminology to use for you.

You’ve said your piece so the question …whats it to you i stay on here and advocate for a better outcome?

Why does THIS offend you, take that time to reflect on your choices instead of projecting your fanboi status onto others…or are you chasing one of those special titles as well? by appearing positive but honestly consistanty handing out really bad advice?

Is that the choice you make?

Thats the most astounding thing i’ve read on this forum so far… don’t make funcom look bad.

Is this a stockholm syndrome effect or something…

Except it isn’t. Most responses I’ve seen are simply an explanation about how Funcom doesn’t moderate official servers and that only private servers are moderated. “It’s your fault” is your own gratuitous addition to the narrative.

Yes, the situation is quite crappy: cheaters and griefers are rampant on official servers, private servers are a mishmash worse than Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, and Funcom is slower than molasses when it comes to fixing exploits.

Ask anyone on these forums whether they would like official servers better if they were moderated. I don’t think there anyone who would say “no, it would suck”. Nobody’s asking you or anyone else to like this situation. Nobody’s blaming players for not playing on private servers. What people do is explain the situation and enumerate the options as they are now.

In short, this whole “victim blaming” déjà moo is just your latest way of seeking the position of moral superiority by smearing everyone who doesn’t show the degree of outrage you prefer.

And the worst thing is that a lot of us would happily agree with you that the situation is crappy, if it wasn’t for the whole Holier Than Thou white knight dog and pony show.


Thats all you needed to say… bbut… of course you won’t… now back to anyone who breaks away from the yes herd. … notice the people who agree with the position are the first to attack someone personaly …very quick to attack me even though you agree with the position i take.


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That’s usually all I say to people who are new to this situation. You, on the other hand, keep creating threads like this one, where you turn the situation into a way to feel morally superior to everyone else. And yes, they are exactly what you said:

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Again, you’re doing all the attacking… and this is the high ground you feel you are talking down from :slight_smile: