Why should I even bother playing

So after finding a undermeshing base on my main server I had been working completely gutting me because they are unraidable I had to go look for somewhere to move. So I went though the top 10 most populated servers region wide and what I found sucks. EVERY SERVER IS INFESTED! So what is the point of playing if everytime I make progress one of the cheaters comes out and stomps me? What am I too do? Report the server? Multiple clans did and nothing has happened! In the Oceania region we only have 4 offical server all got meshers!! Don’t even waste people time or money (not happy im going to have to pay for it) on a new map when you can fix the problems you already have! Or at least tell people your going to fix this! Please do something. And this better not be a issue in Dune!!!


I have tons of fun in coop/single. Before that I played a lot on a private server where people weren’t cheating or griefing - it was nice.

What I’m trying to say is that perhaps you should find some decent private server or start your own with friends? What’s the point of playing with random cheating strangers on stupid official?


That’s why I play solo. I’m not going to bother with the official servers for the reasons you stated.



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You’re playing a chicken/egg position here. In order to make friends with people who SHARE the game interest you use a public server to form those bonds. Only then you can potentially pivot to a private server, but with low server populations it gets boring “raiding” your friends.

The point of a public server is it adds variety and change to a stagnant game play experience. The idea of raiding strangers is far more appealing than raiding friends.

Yet, again another post victim blaming a FAN of the game for wanting a fair and reasonable game play experience.

Meanwhile looking at battle metrics… game is declining in adoption… hmmmmm …wonder if the two data points could be linked maybe?


funcom answer

dont like it? there thousand of other servers you can move to. if you are not happy for 120 per years you can own your personnal private server but it will be emty 10 out of twelve months you are paying


What about friends you had before you started playing Conan who joined you?
And I fail to grasp why you can’t make friends on a private server, like I did. Not all private servers have strict rules too, so you can easily find one that suits your preferences.

I think the only point of public servers by now is to offer players a default-setting option, where the game is played like Funcom intended it. While private servers on the other hand have various tweaks to rates, different rules, mods etcetera.

This is not a question of “the chicken and the egg”, it’s rather more similar to you stepping into a dark alley and then getting mugged. Sure, you can blame society, but it’s also your own fault stepping into that alley since you knew it might be dangerous. That’s what OP did.
It’s more or less common knowledge that public servers can have cheaters/exploiters at this point, and since Funcom very rarely intervenes there you get a better experience from a decent private server with active admins who promote fair play.

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Not all private servers are empty, Just like officials some sit forgotten to time while others never go below 30+ players, search the private server list and sort by player population and you will see that this assumption of not finding ppl to play with on private is completely false.

To answer OP’s question, well if you keep having a bad experience on officials like others have said you can try a private server, I know it’s frustrating but Funcom choose not to moderate their own servers, leaving them to be breading grounds for all the scum filth and trash of the world, exploiters in other words, If you don’t want to play on private then your best bet is to cycle through officials untill you find a server that has less scum on it, not easy to find these days on officials and even if you do find one the risk that the scum and filth will drip down onto your new found oasis will still be high, waiting to once again soil your game experience and leave you with the taste of :poop: in your mouth. It is for this reason I moved to private and never looked back. Thats my advice atleast, either stick it out, move to privates or stop playing entirely, those are the choices you have now unfortunately.


There could only be a link if the game was declining at a faster relative rate than similar games. Any game loses players, old and new, as it gets older. People want the hot new thing.

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ok so basicly youre saying that OP is at fault for trusting funcom ?
cheaters, exploiters can be found on official server or any other servers.

also most people you come across in the game stay around 3-4 days tops and quit afterward because the game is still riddled with bugs and glitches and funcom wont do anything about them.
talkig about get or exposing them reward you with a 2 weeks suspension, getting marked as a target by the troll flag army or you get reported everytikme you excpose a problem or just plain ignored by the dev coder or scripters.


if you read the numbers show on the amount of server and the amount of populated servers… i wonder if your statement on the game not being dead is accurate or not

The game is not “dead”. It continues to be supported and is getting more content in the months to come. Final Fantasy Mystic Quest is dead.

ffmq was on snes and was a break through in the genre, 30 years ago.
conan exile is dieing check the number of server check the amount of avaiable server and check the population of 10+ players per server…

also FYI, you are talking about a game that is dated from when video scripting and coding was still in the learning phase. 30 some years later you can say that we are still in the first era of game coding.

I ve read a lot of your posts in the past .This was the best for me so far . There is nothing that you said and I disagree ,nothing .:+1::+1::+1::+1: nice post dude .