Complaining about official servers, is like complaining public transit wont pick you up at home

Just a thought,

But really, I mean officials are what, 10 player max, and low spec VMs from what I have experienced.

They are as far as I can tell more so a free extended demo, than an integral part of the game offered as a free service by Funcom. And as far as I have seen they do their intended job well of giving players a chance to experience what the game has to offer online. But if you are looking for a managed, long term, and very actively administered server, why would you be on one?

Public transit is there for everyone, yeah. But it is not a livery service. It is there as a bare minimum, at best, and has a number of limitations and hence inconveniences. This is something that any person pausing to think about it understands. And if you apply that same understanding to what exactly public, versus dedicated servers are, I’d wager more people would move toward dedicated servers and have a better experience of CE online.


come on now. We buy the game and the service provided better be there, because it’s sold as a PVP multiplayer experience or PVE multiplayer.

First of all I’m not dropping however many dollars per month to host my own server and then hope people show up.

Second of all, player dedicated servers are often trash. You’ll have abusive mods, the server can shut down at any moment, the mods can cheat, they can just reset the map at any given moment if they feel like it. I’ve had those things happen to me in Ark when everyone goes on and on about how you better be playing dedicated so I tried it out a few times and that’s more trashy than officials.

So ya I’ll stick to officials and why shouldn’t we expect bugs to be fixed though? that’s all most are asking for…


But it is there. Officials and Co Op are there, and working. The expectation of MMORPG level moderated servers however is a bit much. Or the expectation that no frills official servers need to have five 9s uptime and reliability to.

How much effort did you put into finding a dedicated server? Did you research any? Ask around? Try out several?

This is a touch cynical. Do you think the majority of people that are going to pay for servers month after month, will do it for no one to play on, because they drive them away?

Again, a bit cynical.

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Conan Exiles is the first non-MMO I’ve played that did Official servers. They’re not needed and cause unrealistic expectations. We would see half or less of the complaints without them.

Personally I’d like to see them shutdown and the DLC’s paying for other features. I’d even buy the DLC’s at a 50% markup if they did that ($15 each instead of $10). In fact the reason I won’t buy most of the DLC’s is because I don’t wish for that money to go to official serve upkeep.

Shutting down official means they can hire peeps to do Sorcery, work on the map issues to allow mounts, and a myriad of other features to flesh out the game.


Keep dreaming, officials are not gonna shut down any time soon :stuck_out_tongue:


You realize shutting down the officials at this point would just piss off those playing on them right?


That would be a lot of salt to mine on these forums, and Twitter, if it did happen.

You guys don’t think they are paying full price for these servers do you? If you do I have some beach front property’s in Arizona I would like to sell you.


I do not get this point, at all. Okay, they get servers at proc, mem, and storage at a volume in a cloud price… And they need to pay these cost going forward for the life of the product. How does this not count as a loss that needs to be covered by a profit elsewhere? On top of cost to do everything else? Also, why is the assumption that even if Funcom is getting a deal on this, by comparisom to the broader market, that it is a cost they can just eat?


Lol they have a game that has been officially out for not even 2 months and brought out a paid dlc when the game is still so buggy its almost unplayable at times. By this reasoning should we have to pay for private servers to play Call of Duty or the next Battlefield? When The Division 2 comes out should we have to pay for a private server to play a game that is meant to be an online game?

I rented a PS4 server when the game first came out and it lagged worse then official servers did.

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They’re already pissed, that wouldn’t change much. Cept they’d do one of two things. Either quit (and the bigots and racists would since their crap isn’t tolerated on private). Or adapt and play on moderated servers.

Either way it’d clean up most of the complaints here. Yes they’ll complain initially. That’s status quo for a temporary period. Then it would die down as they run out of things to complain about. And any complaints they might have will be done on the server forums/discords and not here.

I’m not only ok with this, but I want this.

If official servers were shut down at this point the game would probably lose like 80% of it’s playerbase permanently. What your talking about would be the final nail in the coffin for this game, I checkout how many players are on ps4 servers several times a day and although the numbers have been dropping off sharply, official servers still have 10 times the players of private. If you got your wish you’d be playing alone.

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Yes, becauae this model has been done, and worked before. And if it is the business model of the company developing and publishing the game, because of the economics, sure. And people can choose to adopt it, or not, by purchasing the game.

This is smelling like a troll post by the OP. IMO.

get all the official players riled all up and let her roll huh?

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You must be trying to troll people. Lol pay for a server to play CoD. lol ridiculous. I nean in your op you said officials are what 10 players max? Do you even play the game? its 40 players on an official server.

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Not even close to 15%, take a look yourself. Look at the average number playing on Official and compare it to the steam stats. Even when Conan Exiles was in the top 10 of games being played on Steam at launch, it was less than 20% on official.

The rest are solo or private.


What platform are you on? Most officials I see on PS4, PvE, RP community, are 10 max.

As for trolling, not for a minute. I just appreciate the type of server model for the game Funcom is trying to make work.

I have the game on Ps4 and pc. The pvp servers are max 40 players.I dont see a real point to pve servers half the game is breaking in to other players bases to raid them. The NPC mobs are way to easy once hitting level 60 to be a pve game.

What CoD are you playing that is coop? The CoD I play is running and gunning down other players. lol

I cant speak for PC servers, as I said in my post I’m on PS4. But I can assure you on PS4 the overwhelming majority of players are on official servers. I dont have “metrics” to back up that statement but I have eyes, and thats what I see in the server browser. Maybe your right and they should save themselves some money and shutdown PC servers. But shutting down official on console’s is not gonna happen anytime soon, If no one is playing the game why bother to fix it, why release new content?

Every Official server on PS4 is 40 player max, 10 player max clan size.