Where does everyone play and why?

Just wondered what type of servers everyone prefers and why?

Do you play dedicated or official… reasons for not playing official ,reasons you play dedicated,pve or pvp ,vice verse

I personally stick too official pvp … from past experience playing Ark dedicated I hate that people let admin go too there head … it’s inevitable unless someone can convince me otherwise :upside_down_face:
I love the interaction between players and blowing up each other’s bases on pvp official but hate the exploiters
Where is the fun in pve… what do you guys do after you build your castles…
I’m curious that’s all :+1::+1:

I play in a private server. We are listed as pvp but we are mainly pve.

I play on a private server because I don’t have time in my life to deal with griefers and the official servers have no admin presence what so ever, so is a free for all of griefing.

My private server is for my friends. I hear all the time how admin goes to people’s heads, and while I’m sure that is true in many cases, to try and label it 100% is to me reflection of someone’s own internal issue that they have.

I’ve had my server up for over two years now. The only issue I ran into was a small group of 3 players quit because I keep the settings at official levels and they wanted like 10x harvesting and xp because they didn’t want the game to be their job and wanted creative mode essentially. They left and created their own server with those multipliers, and best to them for playing how they enjoy.

I will never play on an official server so long as the griefing remains in the state that it is currently. I simply don’t have time for that in my life.

The only time I have had to use admin powers is to escape us out of the passage when there was a bug that stopped climbing, or when people lose their stuff to bugs and I’ll recreate it for them. I grind with everyone else otherwise and I’ve never used god mode once.

I also use pippi and age of calamatious and I like building areas that they can siege or adding story elements to my server that keep the game fun.


I rent my own g-portal server for the ability to set the rules of engagement. The rules? There are none. There are also no thrall caps…

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I’ve been playing mostly official, until i was stream sniped in the most toxic and cruel way just for a quick laugh, and yes to me stream sniping is cheating, just like watching your opponent deck in a poker game.

Now I have my own private server, full on pvp, with full on friendly fire and long raid time weekends, full on friendly fire meaning it’s the same damage between clan members as an enemy, so people need to learn how to fight, and it’s also more difficult to gang up people by abusing of lower friendly fire.

I still play officials, I hop on now and then but I try to not stream from it, as the game is now with the merchant and all is very easy to play as a gipsy, with very little base, buyng thralls and pets after farming coins in dungeon, to me it’s more satisfing like this than building a base, farming farming farming, loose it all, at least I have some action and adrenaline going through, also because I was challenged to get level 60 on all eu offis pvp before the summer, but that’s just my inner marty macfly chicken syndrome.


I prefer official PVE-C, on PC.

Why PVE-C? I’d love to try PVP, but I really don’t want to find myself losing everything overnight. There’s no way to keep at least one base safe on PVP. And you always have to be ready to defend it during certain hours. No matter what those hours are, I can’t (and don’t want to) schedule my day around a video game. Games, for me, are like a party or like a walk in the park, not an appointment I have to keep. Besides, I keep hearing about cheaters and exploiters, and also about immature players with surfeit of testosterone and deficit of decency… no, thanks.

Between PVE and PVE-C, the differences are minimal. Sure, in theory there should be conflict, but I’ve yet to see one PVE-C server with lots of that. Usually it’s friendly sparring. And now that we have battle standards, the lines are so blurred that there’s almost no difference. The most important difference I can think of, at the moment, is that if I lose connection during PVP hours on a PVE-C server and find myself unable to reconnect, I can still message a friend over Steam or Discord and ask them to loot my stuff and store it somewhere. :man_shrugging:

Why official?

First of all, I dislike most mods and hate AoC (Age of Calamitous) with a passion. I like Conan Exiles for many reasons, but one of those is that it’s Conan Exiles, not “generic LotR-derivative fantasy RPG Exiles”. And every time there’s an update, there’s a risk of things getting catastrophically broken because of mods.

Second, many servers have weird multipliers that break the game balance. I’ve seen servers with 6x or even 10x harvesting multiplier, or servers with sprinting stamina cost set to 0.

Last, but not least, you can never truly know when a private server might run out of funding or when an admin might decide to abuse their power. I haven’t had either happen to me, but I’ve played with a whole bunch of people I liked on an official server and they decided to make their private server. Never have I ever witnessed so much drama in a video game, and that’s without even going to their server. This stuff puts Latin American telenovelas to shame.

Those are my reasons. I won’t pretend they’re objective and the One And Only Truth, but they make sense to me :slight_smile:


Official PvE @ PS4.

As I dont have anywhere a castle, but some 8x8 bases with open maprooms and a roof, you gave ma great idea :smiley:
But first I should finish my jousting arena…

Our mainbase is quite huge (with all altars), but its not a castle… Maybe I should turn it into one (or pyramid).

Fun is kinda collecting all the items, interacting/helping other players and building cool things. Too bad most if not all building pieces are static. I dont need another minecraft clone, but even The Forest had better building pieces for fun. Like a slide or zipping line. Traps?

Currently not so fun: leveling thralls… Until level10-15 its fun… Then it only feels like work.

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PVE player here. not having the time to be as dedicated as the PVP needs someone to be (and not in favour of the breakdance rolling and glitches the early stages had) i decided to seriously invest in PVE … relacing atmosphere and ofc great community… has its trolls from time to time
, but nothing is perfect :wink: so official pve for me

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CodeMage, I couldn’t agree with you more. Age of Calamitous is trash. I hate that people call it AoC because to me, that is Age of Conan which was a hell of a fun game. But that mod just flat out ruins Conan Exiles.

That being said, I play entirely on private servers, generally modded but not always. I play on several different servers. Mostly RP servers but some are just pure PvE servers that are very relaxed and friendly. I definitely prefer having admins that can control the server and implement rules to help keeps the server healthy and reduce lag. But there is always the risk of finding a server with a jerk for an admin. That’s why if I do join a server I don’t do a whole lot until I find out how things are first so if I do not like the way it’s run I can just leave and not worry about all the stuff I just lost.


I started as in official PvP-C then moved into Official PVP and then moved to private server, PvE, finally happy.

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I mostly play on singleplayer lately, since I mainly just goof around, try out mods I think look neat, and admin stuff to try out build ideas. I do run a private server that I plan to start seriously playing on but I’ve been putting it off because I’m still working out what mods I want on it and every time I start to decide it’s time this voice in my head is like “Nah, let’s wait for the next big update…”


PVP official PS4

There is something about not knowing the outcome of a fight. Losing sometimes makes winning more satisfying. Overcoming odds. I prefer to not be Alpha, but to punch the Alpha in the mouth. Nothing says survival better than a hole in that unraidable base of the big clan. And then taking the loot and giving it away to smaller less aggressive clans on the server. Leave, rinse, repeat.

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Added note, I also dislike mods and play on ps4 so as to not have them around. Conan should be conan, not elfquest.


Mods do not make the game elfquest. Some mods do very little but do offer things that frankly there is no reason why funcom has not added yet such as Fashionist. That by no means effect the actual gameplay. Other mods however, I completely agree with you.


PvE:C because I like the idea of pvp but dont like to take part in it also because if someone destroys my base that I spent hours on ill rage quit XD

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Seems like this post is getting some AoC mod hate, so how about you guys try modding and make something better. Modders are keeping this game alive and is very thankless passion projects they do.

But I like to play on RP or PvP private servers with mods

Also thank you modders :slight_smile:


Why would I mod when I dont like using mods? Mods dont keep anything alive for me as I play on ps4. What keeps the game alive is PAID content that goes to Funcom, which I will gladly do. If modders charged a fee and a royalty went to Funcom and it was subject to their quality process, I would buy them.

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The majority player base on Conan right now is RPers which are for the most part playing on modded servers, if conan didn’t have mods the RP community would be greatly reduced so they wouldn’t be making as much money on their DLCs. Mods do keep games alive that is why people still play games like Skyrim to this day.

If Conan Exiles is making less money then that means less content. Doesn’t matter the platform.

Also the Funcom quality isn’t all that high, they most likely use Microsoft’s xbox QA process as their own QA process.


No offense, but that fallacy is so old that it saw the pyramids being built. You don’t have to be a director to say you don’t like a movie. And, to use the same analogy, you don’t have to like a good movie by a good director, either. “Not for me” is a perfectly valid stance.

Yeah, no. I respect modders and I’m glad they’re providing people with useful stuff, but claiming that modders are “keeping the game alive” goes a bit too far. Many factors are keeping this game alive and modders are an important one, but let’s also give praise elsewhere it’s due.

[citation needed] :wink:

Let’s just say I understand your enthusiasm and positive attitude, but trying to shut people up because they didn’t like your favorite mod is … a bit gauche :stuck_out_tongue:


I only play offline singleplayer on PC because I’m not interested in interacting with other players. It also allows me to experience the entire map without boundary. It also allows me to only use mods that are interesting to me.

It further allows me to adjust the server settings to my own preference. The only multipliers changed are thrall breaking (x0.1) and harvest rates (x3). Building decay and thrall limits are off too. Everything else is vanilla, although I may increase the rate of purges when my cattle is done.


Well. I played over 2000 hours in PVP from Early access till mid 2019 and it was a unique experience as a solo player. It was a lot of sneaky game play and minimal building. Official and admin’d servers. It was fun. I had that same excitement of losing everything that got me hooked on diablo 2 Hardcore mode so long ago. (permadeath)

Started on a private pve server late 2019 so I could explore the other aspect of the game. Building… and dungeons I never did or rather didn’t have the luxury of attempting due to external pressures.

I never used a roof piece in 2 years while doing pvp as it was near pointless. (With the exception of the “if it’s pretty I won’t wipe it players.”) Which can be rare at times so yea… why bother.

So I’m currently building an Ivory tower in O 7… I may expand it to being a city in the sea. I don’t know yet. Working on a huge castle solo on vanilla settings has made efficiency a priority while farming now.

So I find myself timing farming runs, making notes of variance in materials. If I farm every rock in Sepermeru as opposed to Mounds. What are my yields for Stone/Iron/Coal and varying locations to maximize which I’m shorting in. Trying to turn it into positive time saved.

Also attempting to break the built in progression. As an example. Dragging a mounds berserker to fight 3 wights and collecting the spoils of all. Often having items in tiers 30 levels higher than my current character.

I haven’t even played mods yet. I have a backlog of games to play… but I can’t dive into them yet because I’m still submerged in the exiled lands.