Fellow dedicated server admins, please explain our evil plot to me

After a few back and forths here, I have heard how no one runs a dedicated server, except to constantly ‘cheat’, play power games with other players, and cancel the server subscription with no notice as soon as players hit sixty and build a dream base for the lolz. Like it is just a given.

Being one who keeps a dedicated server, I have been very concerned with how I have not yet lived up to these seeming universal conventions.

I still have this crazy notion that I want to just have a server, with the rules set via the config tweaked to what I have found to be a fun way to play the game. And being a RP PvE server mostly, I just sort of want to be out of player’s way beyond that, except to interact via RP, or address a concern legit players have, or deal with exploiters and toxic players. Sort of like a very hands off game master at a really good LARP.

So fellow evil conspirators, would you mind explaining to me how goes your own evil plots to provide others a place online to play a game, at your own expense and time, to somehow be bad to your fellow players is proceeding, and your own motives?

All joking aside though, I really would want to hear other dedicated servers admins explaining their motivations for doing so, just to help put out a counter voice to the ‘ebil admin’ meme, with the words of the actual people. Thank you all for your time and effort, it is appreciated.

( Since I’ll be accused of salt mining here, by a certain demographic of players. If you want to insist that the majority of dedicated servers you have played on are run by egomaniacs or { insert x character flaw }, name the servers, and stand by your accusations then with specific and confirmable details. Go ahead, I dare you to open the door to letting others find out the other side of your allegations. We all know you won’t though, not ever. )


wow nice i run a server as well and try to create content for the players in hope to keep them interested.This is the first I have heard of evil admins,sounds like ark players to me.


I personally host a server but have also played on about 5 other dedicated servers three were random off this forum and have not seen a bad admin.

However I will admit in many other games I have seen it so I have no doubt they exist. This game however the dedicated servers are just overall better than the officials because officials have no moderation so griefers can destroy the whole map yes there is decay but if the maps is ruin for 7 days by than it can be too late to save the server for alot of players .

So again praise the dedicated server hosts may you continue to create amazing things and help the general server base.


I run my own server for most games for 2 reasons. Primarily I really enjoy the actual setup, config, and performance tweaking. Does it run better with 2 cores or 4? How big is the performance hit if it is on iscsi lun vs local disk. I’m an IT guy by trade, and I like tune a server like Vin Diesel likes to tune cars.

Secondly, I like to tweak the settings, mods, and rules to suit my (and my small group of gaming friends) preferred playstyle.

The box is running in my basement, so it doesn’t cost me anything. Others in our group run servers for other games. Our Minecraft server has been up since beta 1.5. that’s coming up on 10 years now. We’ve had a killing floor 1 server up since it was released.

It’s a real shame that some people have the opinion that private servers are run be evil overlords. All I really care about is everyone having a good time. Yea, I went into God mode and built a recreation of Helms Deep. Not to troll or dominate the server, but so that everyone can take turns attacking or defending a giant castle that would be almost impossible to do legit. Manually started a purge there a few times too, it was fun.


After having bad experiences with admins on the PvP private servers on Xbox (First one wiped the server because my clan got powerful enough to constantly raid them. 2nd experience we started PvPing and the admin couldnt kill me which made him rage. He then proceeded to use admin commands to quickly locate our hidden base and spawned in a mass amount of explosives and completely wiped our starter base while in God mode.)

With these being our first 2 experiences with admins on private servers on xbox we decided to buy our own server where we wouldn’t have any rules and no one used admin commands. We made a place where someone can enjoy private server pvp settings without the threat of admin abuse or rage wiping. It has worked out great so far (Server Name: The Lands of Fate).

The moral of the story, not every admin is going to be mature. The admin can make or ruin a server experience. You may get lucky and find a cool admin like the OP or even us on our server. But you sometimes have to dig through the trash to find a treasure. To get back to the topic of your main post: Yes, we are out there. We are not all bad.

This is coming from someone who became an admin and doesnt use admin just to get away from bad admins.


I would also add, managing a successful server community is much more enjoyable (for me anyway), than playing the actual game in most cases. Why ruin that by treating your players badly?


Thank you all for the replies, and best of luck going forward.

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