Private Server: Incentive to attack! (admin feedback appreciated!)


I’ve recently set up a private oceanic PvP server, at the moment my players are all still very new and still getting established, during this time I’ve got building damage disabled while they get setup but based on my past experience being admin on private servers, I’m remembering there was an issue where as players got to know each other through server events etc, they would become chummy and reluctant to attack each other resulting in a lot of built up bases and nobody to attack them.

My question goes out to all you private PvP server admins, surely some of you have encountered this too, you’ve built up a server, created events for your players to enjoy which will help them build up their defences, but during that time everyone has become buddies and nobody actually wants to attack anyone else, how did you overcome this? What incentive did you give your players that would encourage them to attack each other?

I appreciate any feedback any of you can offer!


In my experience you can´t. You either aim for hardcore pvp, with regular wipes and only a few rules or you simply do a softcore pvp server with stronger regulations to minimize the abuses, give raidprotection to new players and keep the raidtimes short (1 or 2 hours daily and/or with raidfree days in between).

The thing is, pvp in this game is a lot about knowlegde about how stuff works and finding a way to let it work in your favore. Every time you open up a pvp server and this server gets known (gets populated), some tryhards will come alone and try to destroy that server with their toxity and agressivness. Challenging the admins, bending the rules to their liking and interpretation, starting harrassing and raiding everybody that isn´t on a tree in 2 seconds. The minute you start to argue with that people they will throw their tantrums at you. They will find excusses and start discussions about the rules. And how everybody is at fault except them. If you bann them, the often times come back with another account, just to make you pay. Classic narcisistic behaviour which can be very exhausting to deal with.

New, unexperienced or simple less toxic people stand no ground in conan against this people. Because the gap of knowledge and their different views on how to engage and play pvp is too hugh between the two groups. So you have to choose the kind of pvp you want to happen on your server.

If you either want a chill and relatively untoxic pvp server, then you have to accept that a lot of people just simply are joining your server to get a little rush of playing on a pvp server, having friends and playing nice instead of raiding and fighting or you simple want the heavy pvp but with much more toxic people on board.

My personal view is this, pvp on a server needs to evolve on its on. You can´t force people to fight with each other if they don´t want to. But what you can do for example on a server where pvp is lagging action is making little area events or giving them a target that they can raid together. Build an admin base with some loot in it and then give the people the opportunity to raid that base to keep the loot. Sometimes this helps to get people encouraged and interested in doing more pvp with eachother. It sometimes also helps if you have a person on your server that has a big mouth or is actively raiding. Because then the others have a reason to get into pvp too if they feel threatend enough. It just can´t get out of hand or the whole server will turn toxic. And believe me when I say this, noobish people can also become very toxic very fast if you push the right buttons.


Thanks! Those were all good points!
I think I’m just looking ahead and unnecessarily worrying and trying to foresee any potential issues that might come up but I guess I just have to remember what kind of PvP server I want to be hosting and stick with it :grinning:

I think you’re probably right too about only being able to have it one way or the other and the way you’ve put it make sense, ideally I want to avoid toxicity as much as I can and make sure people can chill and have some fun while they’re here without having to worry tooo much about being potentially raided every night which is why PvP hours here are only in the evenings from Saturday through to Monday.

All good points there too, I will be building admin FOBs from time to time for the players to practice their raiding and to blow into for loot as well as other events to keep things interesting so hopefully they will provide some “compensation” for any lack of PvP, cheers for the feedback, I appreciate it!


I couldn’t say it better! I announced many pvp admins heroes for these reasons! Believe it or not I managed from times to times to apply strongly complains to an admin and I still feel shame for this action!
Pvp can push you to your limits so easy, especially after farming for several hours and get exhausted! Every word you said is correct, you could say more if necessary and still wouldn’t be enough for people to understand how heroic efforts are done by an admin to keep his server populated and healthy!
@MrTriggers, @Winthor said something that it would be almost my suggestion!
I did three things!
I kept a big area as no building area. I made them create their own appointment and gave them equal pieces each, they had to build something with the pieces that they had and protect their flag. Every single armor, (no thralls), weapon, jar, arrow, treb materials, etc…was provided by me, so they will enjoy pvp without the feeling of loss.
The thing that @Winthor said, created spots for raid, but in times that everyone was in, sometimes this competition was bringing conflicts by accident :wink:.
Fist fight arenas!
A small arena that everyone was invited naked. A fridge full of attribute potions and duels are starting with lottery! Before it starts, everyone believed that it will be boring, man we lol!
Ofcurce in this fight I was participating too :grin:, I love fist fight.


To put it simply you need Villains. Also known as Antags. To some, also known as Griefers (though that isn’t exactly what they are).

More common on servers with Roleplay as a focus in varying degrees, but it can apply to non-RP as well. You need a certain subset of the population to simply play the part of ‘bad guys’. These are ones who’s sole purpose is to incite conflict between players.

Unfortunately this isn’t very easy to pull off. Believe it or not, most people do not simply like to engage in conflict with someone unprovoked. This applies mainly to Real Life, but also in video games as well. So in this sense most players need some sort of Casus Belli (Cause of War) to engage in conflict. But your villains or antags need to be able to do this without any provocation. They need to be able to stifle the natural urge to avoid unprovoked conflict.

When you’re around friends its a little easier. When you’re with people you’re used to being around, you naturally test boundaries in a friendly atmosphere. But going to a random strangers sandstone hut and blowing it up. Well its a bit tougher. Which is why so much drama happens, even on PVP servers, when someone gets the nerve to actually do it.

But if you want PVP, then someone has to do it.

That someone will be a target. That someone will be the focus of ire. That someone will be the recipient of every bad omen imagined or real that happens from then onward. Which is why in many cases, normal people hate picking up that mantle.

When a player does pick it up and does so knowing that it is good for the players and the server they play on, do so with restraint, and don’t take things personally. Then you have a great thing. But as a server admin you will need to ensure that such a player isn’t mistreated in turn. Like I said, they will become the ‘bad guy’ and will likely get blamed for problems they didn’t cause down the road.

On the other hand. If you get a bad player in that role who relishes in the misery they cause. Then you have a really bad problem that can infect and destroy a server. You have to make sure these players don’t fill these roles and make sure people in the above paragraph don’t fall into this when things invariably start getting ugly towards them.

You could do it yourself, but unless your general population is mature (randoms on the internet are not) enough. You’ll likely end up with accusations of admin abuse and other shenanigans. So usually you want players to step up to the role whenever possible. Doesn’t mean you can’t, just I recommend admins not being the sole villains on the server.

The only exception to that is if you are playing on secondary accounts as sort of NPCs. But this is very much akin to PVE with a GM playing the NPCs. Not exactly a PVP atmosphere. But it can be useful to get players used to fighting foes that aren’t simply computer controlled mobs.

Give thought to maybe contacting some of the more mature and helpful players and see if they’ll provoke some attacks here and there. When players see other players fighting, they start seeing it as more normal and will likely follow suit. The best way to start PVP is to PVP after all.


Alot of good suggestions here from every one I’ve had some antagonistic people on our server over the years love hate relationships but then it makes sense on a actual pvp server. @stelagel @Winthor @Taemien you all have good ideas Mr Triggers put them all together in a bag shake it up and spill it on the server. Most importantly have fun.


I would say create a pvp event, make a castle and people siege it / defend it. An idea I had in the past.

This way, people will pvp for an event which is a friendly match at a particular time and date. If successful, run more of those type of events periodically.

That is my only thought. Good luck.


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