Would love to have your opinions on RP PVP servers

A bit of market research xD

What is it you look for in an RP, PvP Server? What puts you off joining some?

Do you prefer mild RP or proper hardcore RP?

What do you think works with the PvP side, does RP push PvP or PvP push RP?

Would love to know peoples thoughts!

I have come to conquer your fort, horserunner3000. Nothing will stop me from deploying 200 bombs and looting your base. What is your reply?

awaiting reply while arranging said bombs on the door step in a perfect square area

accidently knocks one bomb

gets banned for not roleplaying



Hahaha, sounds like an amazing scenario

There used to be a really good RP PvP server called Wars of Elysium. Conquest style server. Always had tons of pvp with some of the best NA pvpers. As usual though Mass amounts of rules and admin toxicity killed the server completely.

Servers with tons of mods are off putting. I can tolerate pipi but even then its pushing the limit.
I’ll never play a server with building rules that wont let you stack ceilings or walls. Or servers with safe zones players can abuse.

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The immediate things which are NO:

  • Mods primarily prevent me from going on most. More than Pippi sounds like a good idea, but it really makes the game no longer Conan for me.

  • Second, admins spawning in materials to make some atrocious “admin city”. Admins who are controlling the economy and selling materials, items, thralls, etc. by spawning in stuff. Usually for gold coins, which you can farm close to 5K an hour if you’re bored.

  • Boosted rates, making the game ridiculously hard for raiding. At a 5x boosted rate, I can make a base with five foundation fences stacked ten high and fifteen deep without issue. No matter how many bombs you farm, there’s no blowing through that.

Things making it a YES:

  • Someone has thought out an interesting faction system, or general server series of events or settings or theme which can be inclusive of new players.

  • Active events where admins are involved. Raiding admin structures, war events, arena events, RP/PVE events, at least 1-2 times a week is good.

I prefer my RP light, but meaningful. Adding PVP to the mix makes for interesting experiences. I think the two go well together, as long as the admins are impartial, set firm rules, and just generally don’t tolerate any rules-lawyers.

I think admins with a no-nonsense hands off approach is best. Doesn’t mean they don’t ban cheaters or delete bases violating rules, I just mean there’s no drama. RP and drama are bedfellows, and to run a PVP server, you have to learn a pretty simple phrase:

“I’m not here to get involved in your petty squabbles.”

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what put me off RP servers was the way it almost seems some people are trying to catch you out “How did you know my name?” sort of stuff when its floating above their head, and I get it, its just a little much when your just trying to get into it.

That said I have RP’d on official with my old clan, we made an RP clan of dafari cannibals and had strict RP rules for global etc, we would yell over mic we would eat their flesh etc, had to have RP names and wear barbaric armour (mostly pictish with yoggite) we called it Forced RP pvp, because we were so good at pvp we could force the RP.

we retired from that server after we either forced people to remove or pulled down every single non yog temple from the map.

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Its tough to say.

Some servers have had few mods and it was terrible; some had twenty or so mods and it was great. So when mods are concerned, it depends on what they accomplish and whether or not they are “really” necessary to achieve the desired type of server.

Some servers have had few rules there were not really enforced = resulting in cheating and metagaming. Some servers have had many rules that were strictly enforced = resulting in an overly strenuous application and penalty system (almost draconian in its ‘iron rule’). So where rules are concerned, it depends on whether or not the rules are absolutely necessary, and if so, if they will be enforced fairly (both in terms of grace given and stopping abuse).

Some servers allow players to build everywhere (no limits), while others restrict players to building zones. Some servers allow players to use all the building types available; some servers allow only certain building types in certain zones (RP emphasis such as no Black Ice buildings in the jungle), while others don’t allow for ‘foundation stacking’ (all walls must be actual ‘walls’). So it depends on whether its a PVP that throws in some RP elements or an RP server that allows some PvP. Where is the emphasis?

And on PvP – is that for Arena combat or wars between zones (biomes) or anything goes?
And on RP – is that separated by race/culture factions, biome zones (groups of factions), or anything anywhere in the Exiled Lands?

So success is going to depend on a balance of the admin(s) and their personalities, rules declared, enforcement of those rules, mods (if any) - how many and what kinds, and PvP/RP ratio.

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I’ve played on quite a few RP-PVP servers. The best way of handling it is to allow the RP to drive the PVP. This way when PVP happens, it happens for a reason. For every choice there is a consequence, for every action, there is a consequence, even if one sits on the fence or does not act, there is a consequence. Maybe those consequences are good. Maybe not.

One of the challenges is trying to keep meta-gaming down. The use of out of character knowledge as in character knowledge. Things as simple as knowing the name of the person you’re looking at by the name over their head. Seeing a discussion in discord and using that information in game.

But you have to balance that too. Someone logging in and saying in general global chat “Hey I’m looking for RP” is pretty benign, and you don’t really want someone scouring the map looking for RP for hours. Though this is less likely to be needed on more populated servers. But even then, its a big map, even for 70/70.

You definitely want a player base that isn’t attached to stuff. You gotta watch the MMORPG RPers, who aren’t used to implied consent. In MMOs they can consent or withdraw consent to EVERYTHING. And they are used to that. So when they get their character hemmed up, and find out they can’t simply walk away, they get agitated.

And of course if you have a consent based server, you have to keep an eye out for people who may hide behind their consent forms and use them as a method of powergaming. For example, if someone does despicable things, stuff that in normal context would warrant a posse of people hunting them down, yet they have no consent to perma death… well… they’re powergaming a large group of characters who now cannot take action as they normally would simply because of some text in a table somewhere.

Its a tough balancing act. You’ll be able to feel out your playerbase and see where their tolerances lie and their preferences. Eventually the community will sort of self police and as an admin you’ll simply need to ensure that culture can thrive. Keep an open mind, and be open to suggestions.


I am still searching for players that will pvp legit without the use of lag throttling and undermeshing to make up for their general lack of skill.

So far I have found less then 10 players who actually do pvp legit, have a basic understanding of the map, it’s resources and how to gather them in less then an hour at level 60. What I seek most is foolish but I like the idea of having options even though I don’t like mods in this game (rare but it does happen)

I play mainly on pvp servers on Oceania, from time to time there will be a clan or solo that has some form of trade up in between casual pvp and raiding.
I do the same basically, I’ll make a trade hub of some form and trade to mix things up. Recently however my main server was hit by zerg clan of lag throttling, undermeshing griefers and the player pop has taken a massive hit because of this.

I would try pve servers but I have in the past and I got bored real fast. Something of note from playing on them, The work stations, Animal pens, thrall wheels etc are locked. If we had this on the pvp servers maybe with some lockpicking feature, a lot of the players I think could have defended their loot better from the griefers. Did I mention they could walk through walls?

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Thank you! I definitely have to work on not tolerating the rule-lawyering and being no-nonsense! Ive found the nicey nicey gets me nowhere but people getting their feelings hurt even worse if I ‘lay down the law’ haha.

I can see the mods aspect of it, but for me it really enriches the game and RP.
I do try and keep my admin builds to an absolute minimum, I agree huge admin cities are annoying.

Yes, definitely agree there. The safe zone did NOT work xD Safe to say that was removed.

Haha that sounds amazing!!

Completely makes sense. It definitely is a hard balance. Thank you :slight_smile:

Very insightful, again. Thank you! :slight_smile: I agree with all of the above.

Thanks for your reply. We (mostly) enjoy the PvP. We have rules to try and make sure the opposition is there to defend to actually have engaging PvP.

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