What are you looking for in a PVP-conflict/roleplay server?

Genuinely curious! I want to make the server as fun as I can for a wide range of people.

So far we have a discord, an arena, welcoming areas with small welcome kits (iron pick, iron hatchet, glow sticks, sleeping bag, sand mask, and tool repair kits), a market place (in progress but still) and plan to build a maze and tavern.

PVP-raid is a six hour stretch each weekend. Otherwise structures can’t be damaged.

But I’m not having a ton of luck getting people to join and stay… So I’m looking for input!

A focus for the RP helps. Mini stories. Oh no, the volcano exploded killing civilians in the nearby vicinity. Its restricted access atm etc.
A drive for RP. What makes people fight or team up together?
You will find a lot of people prefer PvP so perhaps you can extend the window? It helps to cater for time differences too. Either that or create strict rules around PvP.
Events with prizes. XP boost weekends etc.