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i have my own server that i’m running and am searching for some good deco mods as i really enjoy building and am working on getting better at. i have pippi, emberlight, AOC, EEWA, beyond decor, and exiles extreme as well as a few other utility mods, better thralls, fashionist etc. i’m looking for more mods that would work well with beyond decor as i love the stuff in it. but any advice would be awesome i’ve been scrolling through steam and just not really finding anything that stands out but could easily be missing the good ones.

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Savage Steel 1 & 2, SvS, Dude’s Delightful Decor - there are a lot.

One BIG tip - stick to mods that are regularly maintined. There is nothing worse than using a mod heavily and then discovering it has stopped working after the next update. Your list so far is of supported mods, so you should be good. And remember that after a game update, many mods take a little while to be updated too so be patient - and make backups of your game.

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i’ve unfortunately in the past messed with broken mods on my server… and well you know how that went… lol.
svs is great but i’m trying to limit admin use as i am trying to focus more on playing instead of all the admin work i was trying to do the last time i had my server up and going… while i do still have some admin stuff to do… i haven’t looked at the savage steel stuff much in a while. and am i correct in seeing Dudes is either combining the prev mods with a new one?
i was looking into Shanis Stuff but there again it looks like i’ll need a bit of admin work to get it set up as well…
i also had looked into gothic decorations/ architecture and that modders other stuff seems pretty good.
i’ll keep looking as you said there are a lot.

I use these mods. As you can see on the list many are building mods. (ignore the 3001 ways to die mod since its my server mod that really just bare bones stat changes at the moment)

Mods tends to be the taste of the player / admin. I do not have really any customize character mods besides Improved Quality of Life (edit: wrote Fashionist the first time, which was an error). Others may suggest a bunch of those mods. My list is something you can look into though.

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thank you for that. how do you feel about the gothic architecture mod i considered it for a bit right now i’m running 18 mods and not sure if i want to go more but it seems a nice mod. considered it and the gothic decor mod to go with it. trying to figure out the exact feel you want the server to be is one of the hardest things i think lol

I like the Gothic mod look but if you want to keep the mods number and size overall to a certain number, some sacrifices need to done.

I am not very good at that… (Granted I did have 58 in 2020 for a period of time)

A good number of the mods on my servers were requested by the players.

I should edit the customization to Improved Quality of Life not Fashionist. IQoL has the body sliders. My error when I wrote my earlier post.

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i currently use fashionist i used to use iqol and will probably add it again eventually as it’s not a large mod but has a lot of custamability for characters. will probably be getting rid of fashionist after the 3.0 update since it will be adding something to the likeness anyways.

Good point on Fashionist. Although I think the big point was the armor stands for me and you can outfit the thralls if you wish (although I been lazy on that feature). Although not showing the helm is a plus as well.

So, I would be keeping the mod.


i didn’t even think about not showing the helm lol since i use grimproductions i enjoy most of the headpieces so i don’t think about turning it off so you have a good point there… and the dye feature… might end up just keeping it for those

Not me. I’ll stick with Fashionist mod. It won’t require sorcery to make illusions and has more features such as ‘remove helm’, armor display stands, and the ability to make your thralls look the way you want.

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Indeed. 3.0 needs to really exceed all expectations in order to have a chance to replace Fashionist. Not only armor reskins, but making thralls prettier (and with beards!) when needed, as well as clothing crafter thralls with more variety than the ubiquitous, ugly colorless apron. It’ll be the last mod I’m going to give up, if for nothing else but for my eternal love and support for its creators.

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