Whats' your Flavour? (Mod)

Just thought I share the mods I have been using for a while now (some newer) to what is now my final collection that I am comfy enjoying the game with, all at the same time without them being too overwhelming or overiding each other.

Some honorable mentions include Savage Steel packs, the RP Immerse, the RP overhaul mod, along with a few others. Some just ended up being too much with regards to either getting them to work in an immersive manner (like crafting stations that need animations that further need thrall addon mod to have working thralls on them etc… all too much imo unless you are not playing the game and just building stuff) or mods that add decorations to the point that you have no idea what to make anymore :smiley:

Although I would love to run them all, I fear the game will reach the point that it will load every 5m…

And so, here is my list :slight_smile:
Curious to see other peoples’ lists as well, and compare mods with each other :slight_smile:

Extension Type Mods (mechanics, endgame, etc)

  1. Savage Swords (Character Class Selections)
  2. Kerozards Paragon Leveling (Go to lvl 300)
  3. Presitge Extended Attributes (Attributes go to lvl 100)
  4. SandstormEx
  5. SnowstormEx

Quality of Life Mods

  1. LTs Compass Minimap
  2. NoxUIChanges
  3. Crafty Counters
  4. Conscripts
  5. Lumbermill and Mining
  6. ExtendedCartography
  7. Fashionist
  8. Animal Taming Cage
  9. DyeMoreBetterer
  10. SensualDancers
  11. Increase Precious Metal Drop Rates
  12. Iron Mines Matter Again (Steel Furnace and Charcoal- Making Steel and Hardened Bricks)
  13. Interesting Caves and New Ores (Adds Bronze Path to Hardened Steel crafting)

STUFF!!! (Armours, Buildings, Weapons, Weather etc…)

  1. Limestone Buildings
  2. the Secret of Steel - Now Improved
  3. Warrior Mutator
  4. Pythagoras
  5. Glass Constructions and more…
  6. Jungle Building Set
  7. Northern Timber
  8. GrassDensity
  9. Mythos: Greystone Building Pieces
  10. Achilles Armor Set (just wanted the sword really)
  11. Rebalanced Weather 2
  12. Helios’ Hellenistic Armours
  13. Dudes Delightful Decorations

Lastly, “all in one” Large Mods

  1. Pippi
  2. Emberlight
  3. Exiled_Lands_Improved

Whats your fave mods?

p.s. To think I was over 40 mods and 50 at a point, including also those favourable mentions… 34, I impress myself. I managed to cut a good amount off. lol

Would have also added another one I love using, Smaller_Hud, but as much as I love it and it fits well with noxUIchanges, for some reason that mod makes my loading times silly large when opening the game (5mins about to get to main menu, and around 10mins to load into game)…

Without it, I am into the game playing in around 5mins.

A shame really, that is one of my favourite hud mods. Simple, and does just what I want, shrinks those life bars and icons at the bottom.

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