Question of the Week: What's your favorite mod and why?

The amazing thing about mods is you can truly make the game to be anything you want, outside of the Conan universe. Want a sorcerer’s library? Shop signs? BDSM elements? If you want it, it’s probably in the workshop. It’s a way to let your creativity fly and create things for both yourself and others.

We want to know what your favorite mod is and what aspect about you like so much. It’s okay, you can say the Shaved & Oiled mod. This is a judgement free zone.

If you’re console only and don’t have access to mods, you can still answer! Take a look through our wonderful workshop and see what tickles your fancy, if you catch my drift.

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WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain by testerle

Disappointed when I saw the vanilla wheel with it’s placeholder thralls.

I believe seeing the thrall that is being broken and having the empty wheel stop makes this a great mod. From the first day I saw this mod, it’s been in my SP game, and it is a big plus toward my interest in any private server.

  1. Stabilise Camera
    …because it removes the camera shake, thus allowing me to play the game without suffering eyestrain and headaches. Why there would even be camera shake in a 3rd person game remains beyond me. My own vision is perfectly steady even when watching someone else use a jackhammer.

After that, my next few favorites are…

  1. Pippi, which enables several important features such as home teleport points, currency/trading, and decorative thralls so that we can still have city life without straining a server’s AI budget. It also adds a host of useful functions for admining a server such as a bot that can log chat to discord, recurring server announcements, and more.
  2. Emberlight, which adds a host of cool RP and decorative options including non-combat pets, an improved farming system, and planters for trees, flowers, etc. It also adds the much-needed Iron Sickle that can be unlocked at level 10. It also has vanity functions so you can do things like shave your armpits, change hairstyles/makeup, etc.
  3. Fashionist, which lets us finally change the clothes on our workstation thralls so our prized crafters don’t look like a bunch of dirty hobos. Oh yeah, and it might kinda allow us players to finally “transmog” the appearance of our armor too.
  4. CharEditLite, which lets us completely recustomize our appearance and the appearance of any thrall, follower or crafter alike. No more dancers deprived of T4-worthy endowments!

Mikey’s Toolbox wins for me, hands down, in terms of daily use :slight_smile:

Too many other fantastic mods to choose a second place contender though, I tend to shuffle them in and out a lot


I also vote for WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain by testerle.

However, my favorite mod would be one that restores the old original dodge and the old original 2 handed sword animation to the game.

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what she said!!!

stabilise camera is a must.
i have used emberlight and love the decorations they provide, such an in depth mod which is amazing. those trees and plants!
and strays caves, love building in caves h5 inside the waterfall was my spot for the longest time.
those are my must haves to make the game not so…basic.

( sadly have not played since the roll change but check the forums everyday! hoping for a miracle :))


One word; Emberlight. Now if only I could use it on ps4. :laughing:


Fashionist by Testerle.
Vanity armor is amazing, I could hardly play without it, I NEED vanity in my games :smile:
I already loved collecting items for vanity outfits in Age of Conan so I definitely needed to install this mod for Conan Exiles.

There are many more incredible mods and I love the work of every mod creator simply for the fact that they create content for free, even if a mod is not “interesting” for me personally - I simply appreciate the fact that it exists.


Pippi is a must have, and Immersive Armors is there for me most recently.


I can’t narrow it down to just one, so here are my “essentials” that I’d rather not play without if I can help it:

  • Emberlight. With loads of decorative items, planter options, legendary weapons, and the vanity, this mod is great if like me your favorite thing about this game is building and decorating your digital dream house and treating your character like a fashion practice mannequin.

  • Roleplay Aesthetics. If you want more hair and makeup options, this is a must. (See also Akuba’s Salon, which is compatible with this one and adds some seriously cool Kushite/Darfari-appropriate styles.) My only real gripe about this one is the physics on some of the hairstyles are a bit wonky, so two of them may as well be helmets and several others clip into your body way too much.

  • Fashionist, because I shall not allow armor attributes to determine my look!

  • Immersive Armor for its awesome casual-type armor pieces. Also it has quivers.

Aaaaaaaaand some runners-up:

  • River Boats of the Exiled Lands adds a lot of life to the river area. Snowhunter’s other mods are really cool as well but this one’s my favorite.

  • Mostly Sunny because I like building in the jungle but I hate hate hate the way rain makes interiors look wet.

  • Exile Architect and Stygian Building Kit are easily my favorite standalone building sets.

  • WonderButter, because I don’t want to give all my lady exiles massive badonkers but I also don’t like how once you go below a certain chest size on the vanilla female body her boobs start to look like sad triangles.

  • The Secret of Steel, because come on, it’s weapons from the '82 movie. I do think the Funcom DLC Atlantean sword looks nicer, but this mod does have it in a more movie-accurate size which is cool. (Now just add Subotai’s bow, c’mon, be a pal.)

  • WARRIOR Mutator has some really nice looking armor sets and clothing pieces, plus its simple wood building set is great for when I want wood pieces for a build but don’t want to blow the resources on T2 or T3. Also, it has that Red Sonja armor set.

I feel like I’d better stop now before I just end up listing every mod I play with, which is…a lot.


This is the only active mod on our PS.

Which of course, makes me vote for it by default.

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  1. Emberlight: tons of new decorative and immersive options, but the best thing about it are the weapon types and the legendaries.

  2. Fashionist: being able to wear vanity armor should be part of the main game

  3. Warrior mutator: i like the way it improve the perks and the adjustments to the game.

and, if i may…
i always avoid and refuse to play Age of Calamitous. I don’t think it’s bad, just not for me.


Less Building Placement Restrictions by Multigun: Because when I build, there’s always something with the terrain that just won’t cooperate (a wave in the floor/ground surface or a rock that’s “immovable” or something that just slightly in the way). So this mod lets me build with much less restrictions.


It’s a tough call between Fashionist and CharEditLite for me. I don’t even use all features on Fashionist, but the ability to change the appearance of my own clothes is sooooo great. I guess I could survive without it, but I don’t want to. CharEditLite, on the other hand, I use to alter the appearance of my NPC companions and citizens. With several bases with a cultural or regional theme, I love being able to dress my crafter thralls in local fashions.

(Honorable mention to Improved Bodies - Caveman Edition. In my Exiled Lands, people don’t have time to shave and shape their body hairs. So kinda the exact opposite to the Shaved and Oiled, sorry Nicole.)


I don’t know a lot of mod…but, Pippi is a very interesting mod.

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Emberlight: LOTS of greenies, reasonable self-sustaining horticulture and homesteading, clothes for crafter Thralls (and they promise to add functionality from Alren Storm’s early mod Conscriptors).
Pippi: just a perfect admin tool for SP too.
Better Thralls & Sidekicks: I play SP and I’m not much of a fighter myself so they just are my “clan”.
StrayThralls: they make my base lively with custom emotions but they still are full-functional Fighters & Archers, not just decorative jack-straws.
LBPR: the last but not the least. ARROWS ON “ghost” BUILDING PIECES. It’s a must for vanilla - add them at least, Funcom!!!

I use some more mods, Hosav’s UI for example or StrayStayDry… They are all OK but it’ll be a very long list.


I do not have one(!) favorite mod.

But I have several I do not want to go without:

For decorations “Emberlight” and “Shadows of Skelos”
For environment “River Boats of the Exiled Lands”
For gameplay enhancement “Tier 4 Thralls - Mild Increased Spawn”


My current favorite (it is my first mod I installed):

My future one that I definately will use:

Honorable mentions:


Ps4 here… so…cant even contribute a related meme…