Mod Order Load List

Hello, can someone please check my mod list? I have tried to make it with all informations I have found at the mods and but I’m still not entirely with it. Especially with mods that change buildings and NPC’s.

*Pippi - User & Server Management - v3.3.5
*Aquilonian Passion Body
*Barbarian Barber
*RA: Character Customisation
*Deco & Placeables
*Glass Constructions and more…
*Dudes Delightful Decorations
*Amazing Antiques
*Stygian Building Kit
*Shadows of Skelos Vol. 2
*Shadows of Skelos - Extended
*Savage Steel vol II
*Savage Steel
*Emberlight 3.1.7
*Lament By Emberlight 2.2.3
*IMMERSE RP : Buildings & Placeables Decor
*LTs Farming
*Fashionist v4.0.2
*High Heels System v3.1.0
*WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain v2.1.2
*Thrall War Dungeon Mod
*ExilesExtreme - v1.4.87
*The Age of Calamitous
*The Age of Calamitous - RP Add-on
*Lemurian Architect
*Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh - v2.2.8
*Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.2.1

Thank you for your cooperation.

I’ve only used some of the mods in your list (I think my computer might catch fire if I tried all of them at once, lol), but the ones I’m familiar with all look good. The only strict ‘must be in this order’ list I’m familiar with is the one for LBPR and you seem to have nailed that from what I can see. Hopefully someone more familiar with some of your other mods may be able to add more info.

For reference, from your list I’ve used -
Glass Constructions and More
Savage Steel
WYSIWYG Wheel of Pain

I’ve also used Emberlight, but not with GCAM and Savage Steel (though if I did, I would have probably tried them in much the same order you have them).

Thank you very much

Looks good. I am using some of these mods with similar load order.

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