Can some 1 please help me make a load order?

Here are my mods:

LBPR: Fish and Shell Trap Bug fix
LBPR - Additional Features - v7.1.2
Aquiloian Females
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Savage Steel vol ll
Thrall War Dungeon Mod
Exiles Lands Improved
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
Kerozards Paragon Leveling . A multigun Refresh - v2.2.7
RA: Character Customisation
Warrior Mutator For Conan Exiles
Better Thralls v1.9.10
Savage Steel
Glass Constructions and more…
Improved Quality of life
Emberlight 3.1.3
The Age of Calamitous
Fashionist v3.3.1
Less Building Placement Restrictions - v7.1.8

Also If I need another mod to make something active please list it.
Thanks for any 1 who replies and helps me out.

Have a look over the load order shown on the LBPR workshop page:


As you can see, Pippi need to be at the top of the list, followed by all the mods that add new building, placeables, etc. (e.g. DDD, SS, Emberlight, etc.). As for MCP, I tend to put that near the bottom of my list, though it shouldn’t make a difference.

Gotta say though, that looks like a LOT to try and get working together, so you may want to take the approach of adding mods one at a time to ensure things remain stable.

Good luck!


There’s a lot on here that I can’t speak for, having never used them, but this order worked for me with the ones from this list that I have used:

Pippi (or Pippi first then ModControlPanel - pretty sure I’ve used it both ways)
Better Thralls
Thrall Sidekick
Savage Steel (so Savage Steel II is probably good around here too - maybe check their page in case one needs to be first)
Glass Constructions and More
Emberlight (I’ve only used GCAM or Emberlight, not together, so may need to be the other way round)
Pythagoras (I use the support beams, but I believe the placement applies with the main mod as well)
LBPR Additional Features
LBPR Fish and Shell Trap Bug Fix
Kerozards Paragon Levelling (Multigun) - (again, I haven’t used these last two together, only separately)

As for the others, I can’t say for sure (though I’d guess that eg Dude’s Delightful would probably be good somewhere around the same area as Savage Steel). I do know that the LBPR set need to be in that order - if you check the mod page on the workshop you’ll find clear instructions on that - and all mods that ‘modify or create new buildings, placeables, pets or thralls’ need to be above Pythagoras or LBPR - so that probably applies to most of the rest of your list. I’d imagine AoC probably needs to be as low in the list as possible within that restriction to give it priority over as many of the others as possible, but I haven’t tried it yet, so may be completely wrong on that.


Thank u guys for all the helps I got <3


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