Needing help getting my Server Mods in Proper Order

Well I thought I had the mods in the right order, but apparently somewhere along the line I have somehow messed up. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Pippi

  2. ModControlPanel

  3. DungeonMasterTools

  4. RA: Visual Tweaks

5.Emberlight 3.3.0

  1. RA Character Customization


  1. Barbarian Barber

  2. Glass Constructions and More

  3. Savage Steel

  4. Savage Steel 2

  5. Exiles Extreme

  6. Shadows of Skelos Extended

  7. Shadows of Skelos Vol 2

  8. Immersive Armor

  9. Dudes Delightful Decotrations Deux

  10. Grim Productions

  11. Wafflurgy Artisanal Utopian Spread

  12. Northern Timber

  13. Pythagoras Expanded Building

  14. Beyond Stations

  15. Beyond Decor

  16. Shani’s Stuff

  17. AG- Altars

  18. Pickup+

  19. Better Thralls

  20. Blackthorn Pets and Mounts

28 Hosav’s Pets Extended

  1. The Age of Calmatious

  2. EEWA

  3. Lore_Items_and_Roleplay

  4. Unlock Plus (with pickup)

  5. Devious Desires

  6. Immersive Animations

  7. Beyond Theatrics

  8. IQOL

  9. Less Building Placement Restrictions

  10. Hosav’s Custom UI Mod.

  11. Hyborian Body/Armor

  12. Armor Mashups (Hyborian Body)

  13. buttermilk Body

  14. WonderBody

  15. Grims’ Wonderbody Reupload

  16. Wonderbody Armors& ClothingSkimpy

  17. Wonderbody ARmors&Clothing (WIP)

You don’t give enough info. What is the problem. If your game will not start it could be a mod mismatch that does not have anything to do with order. Just need more info to be able to help. If its a mod mismatch u have to start turning off mods one at a time until the game starts to find the mod mismatch. Good luck

Read the mod pages of all your mods regarding mod order and you will figure it out. I just picked one of your mods and read the mod page and saw one immediate mistake. If you are going to use someone’s mod, read what they wrote to help you already.

the game itself runs, and its fine, but when I look at logs I get a bunch of issues. What I put in order there is the order I have right now.

thank you for your help

Dont get these issues playing on officials… :smiley:

Yup like darthphysicist said if a mod has to be in a certain order it will usually tell you on it`s webpage.
Hope that helps
Good luck

Probably the best mod order guide you’ll find.

That link is pretty complete, minus some LBPR set ups. Make sure you also follow LBPR setup rules as well.

A quick look, do not see any major issues, although WonderBody and IQoL may conflict since I think both do the same thing. That is something to look into. Also the other body changes. I only use IQoL so I am not sure.

The logs sometimes reports issues, but the game will run fine. What is the issue are you having (crashes?)

basically it will load fine, we will get people to make a character, they finish making a character, and it gets a critical error. So it makes me think its something with one of the mods.

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