Please Help me with the Mod Order!

Hello so I am creating my very first Server and I have a Few mods I am wanting on the server. They were working up until I added some more which i forgot which ones I added cause i tried moving them around. Can someone please tell me which mod goes where Cause I been trying for hours and I just really need help with the order of the mods.

Accessory Wardrobe
RA: Visual Tweaks
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Devious Desires
Barbarian Barber
Forgotten Depths
Dudes Delightful Decorations
Praise Derketo
RA: Character Customisation
IMMERSE RP: Buildings & Placeables Decor
Improved Quality of Life
Female New Faces
RA: Fantasy Extension
Immersive Armor
New Gen
Hyborian Body/Armor
Lexa’s Exiled Lands Improved
High Heels System
No Slave Bracelets

Can someone just please help me where each mod is suppose to be placed cause i tried so many different orders.

LBPR should be below all building pieces mods so it should be almost at the bottom. Follow the LBPR instructions for additional info.

I will comment more later this week, but many of the mods I am not familiar with.

Personally, I would clump many of the similar type mods together where they make sense but not necessary of course.

You have various armor and body changes mods. I am not sure if any of those body type mods will conflict with another. (Improved Quality of Life versus some of the other body modification mods)

Dudes Delightful Decorations is a great mod but be warned that the mod will get no additional updates/fixes due to source data was lost. He is making a replacement mod which will take time but if a patch breaks Dudes mod (again), all will be lost.

As I stated before Less Building Placement Restrictions should be below all the other building pieces mods at least, although in your case, I probably put the mod second to the bottom to give it priority. I would put IQoL on the bottom since they have the body sliders that need to be made priority.

Otherwise, your mod order is probably will work fine since most mods are not required to be a certain order and I believe LBPR and IQoL are the only ones you have that do at this point.

Those are my thoughts, I have been using 47 mods on my servers currently but unfortunately., you have 20 mods I do not use on my servers so any mod conflicts I will be unaware unfortunately. With so many mods available, it will be hard for anyone to be familiar with all the mods. So sometimes, you have to “play test” the mods / order to see it works properly.

I would suggest at least adding Pippi (place on the top of the mod order). Very handy Admin mod.
ModControl Panel and MCPWidgets are also helpful as well. (Not sure how LBPR works without them since I use that to make changes to various settings for LBPR).

Good luck on setting up your server. :slight_smile:

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