Starting a new public server. Seeking some advice

I’m starting a new PVE Server that’s mainly set up for Building and being social. RP is users want it. I’m asking what Mods most people who are into Building enjoy using the most. That can be Deco Mods or Building Mods. I’m going to be using AoC and have a few of my own Fav. Mods. But seeking Advice from others on what people like to use the most. Understand I just set up the server Jan 2 so not much is done as of this post. I’m open to any suggestions for setting up the server.

You can Answer here or join me on discord. Discord server below…

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Dudes mods, Norther Timber, Sand and Stone, SVS are very popular and maintained. LBPR-AF, Pythagoras Support Beams are pretty neat as well.

Other popular mods, not sure about their maintenance: GCAM

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Pippi and Less Building Placement Restrictions are pretty much a goto. If you don’t have them already.

I would caution that Age of Calamitous and another building mod might restrict what players may have access. There’s an issue with some people that may timeout if they have around 8GB of RAM and a slow HDD.

But I can definitely second the Dude’s two mods.

Also if you’re running AoC, it adds a ton of stuff that can be gathered. So mods like Immersive RP and Emberlight may conflict, but more importantly they will convolute. People will see their inventories fill up FAST. And they will struggle to know what goes where if they’re not experienced with those mods.

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I’d second all of those on @Narelle’s list (and Pippi and LBPR, obviously). I’d also add Arena Pier as an option (more from the same creator as Northern Timber and Sand and Stone - and maintained as regularly), and Savage Steel (I’ve only tried the first one, not the second, but I know they’ve just been updated and are being maintained), which provides pretty much my favourite storage options.

A couple of others that may or may not be relevant for you, but also seem to be being maintained -
Immersive Armor - greater range of armor options, balanced to base game levels
Emotes for Thralls - does what it says on the tin :wink: (I was worried about maintenance on this one, since it hasn’t been updated since around March, but I heard back from the modder in the past couple of days on a question, and she’s still actively maintaining it, just it hasn’t needed updating).

@Taemien’s advice about things getting convoluted for players unfamiliar with the mods is a very good point. Crafting and Feat lists can get very long depending on what exactly gets used. It may be worth considering a core mod load to begin with and expanding that as your playerbase matures together on the server.

Whatever options you go for - I hope it goes well :slight_smile:

Oh how could I forget, Emberlight. Also a pretty cool mod and well maintained. I didn’t list Pippi and LBPR because I assumed that they are in already as must have.

I am personally not a fan of Savage Steel because every item is a storage item which people tend to fill and then it is one more thing that needs to be loaded by the server but this is my subjective opinion.

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A very reasonable objection - and one that I tend to overlook coming from the singleplayer perspective - I can see how that would be an issue to consider for servers. (Useful info for me as well, because I’ve wondered a few times why servers so often tend to go with Dude’s rather than Savage Steel - that might be a big part of the explanation :slight_smile: )

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